5 Expert Tips to Help Improve the Quality of Sleep


In this day and age where most of our lifestyles are hectic, it’s either hard to catch some snooze time or end up getting broken sleep.

If you are someone who has a hard time catching the ZZZs or still wake up groggy in the morning despite sleeping, then these 5 tips are going to make you sleep way better:

Declutter your mind

With so many mental lists and worries in your mind, no wonder your brain is not ready to turn off its lights and prepare you for sleep. When it’s bed time and you find yourself still awake or tossing and turning then it is probably because you are over thinking about something. Relax, close your eyes and be in a meditative state.

Let go of everything that is stressing you out and imagine that whatever that needs to be worked on is sorted. Breathe long and deeply and before you know it, you will be drifting in slumber land in no time. Experts agree that meditation not only lowers stress levels but also improves your sleep cycle.

Keep all the distractions away

Getting into bed is not enough to fall asleep. Most people still keep on using their handheld devices such as phones and tablets in bed and wait for sleep to take over.

It is actually counterproductive because the light emitted from these devices tricks the brain into thinking that it is still day and it doesn’t release serotonin—a neurochemical that induces sleep and regulates the sleeping cycle in the body. So the next time you hop into bed, keep all your devices away and you will fall asleep quicker than usual.

No caffeine after 7 pm

Caffeine is the life blood and fuel for many these days and no morning is complete without it. But if you want better slumber, limit your caffeine intake starting in the evening. This not only includes coffee but other caffeine based drinks that people drink such as Red Bull, sodas and teas.

Unless you are trying to pull an all-nighter for some important exam or a deadline, steer clear of caffeine and take it only during the day.

Exercise for Good Sleep

This might be a no-brainer but exercise greatly helps in you getting a good night’s sleep. Your body needs to repair its muscles and rejuvenates the cells from the wear and tear of exercising and that can only be done while it is in a restful sleep cycle. Just remember to exercise early in the day, not a few hours before bedtime.

Create a bed time ritual

It could be anything from a warm bath, hot cup of milk, reading a book or listening to some soft music. ASMR videos are really popular these days to help induce sleep as well. Try anything that relaxes you and becomes part of a ritual that your brain accepts for inducing sleep.

Try these 5 expert sleeping tips and you will no longer be counting sheep.

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