Beauty Tricks to Look Fresh After a Sleepless Night

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We’ve all had long, sleepless nights that can do a number on our body – in many different ways. We wake up the next morning to sallow skin and dark circles underneath blood shot eyes. This is not an attractive look. And as you’re looking at that image in the mirror, you may think nothing can be done about your appearance. In fact, we have a few beauty tricks to make you look fresh after a sleepless night.

Take a Shower

Most of us take a warm shower first thing in the morning. But after a restless night, it may seem like a hassle that’s better left avoided. As it turns out, a shower will make you more alert and ready to take on the day. It doesn’t have to be a torturous cold shower – any shower will do.

Exfoliate your Skin

Exfoliating is a good way to get rid of the sallow complexion common to a restless night. Don’t use a store-bought exfoliator for this – instead, choose a muslin washcloth to exfoliate. After a good scrub (and all the dead skin cells have been sloughed off your face!) you will instantly notice a fresher, brighter you. Exfoliating does wonders to our skin, especially when done correctly.

Replenish with Serums & Creams

Once you’ve exfoliated, your next step in looking fresh after a restless night is to replenish your skin with serums, creams or even your daily moisturizer. After a rough night, our skin becomes dehydrated the next morning. You need to return the hydration that it lost. Give your skin an extra boost with DermaSet’s anti-aging facial cream that acts as a moisturizer.

Eye Masks

There’s a new product in the beauty industry that’s getting plenty selfie time: under eye masks. There are many brands, including the celebrity favorite that includes 24 karat gold. But we prefer Signs Eye Mask by SK-II. These little masks have a combination of B vitamins, Vitamin E and Pitera, a liquid that decreases wrinkles and lightens dark spots.

Glow Enhancer

After a long, restless night, you can count on not having supple, radiant skinNot naturally, at any rate. You can give the allusion of radiance and buy yourself a shimmery glow enhancer. We really like The Glow Enhancer by Elcie. It’s packed with vitamins, minerals and rich oils that brighten your face and even comes with a few anti-aging properties.

Exfoliate your Lips

By now, the signs of a restless night are practically gone. But we have a few more beauty tricks up our sleeves. This next step is simple, but will make a world of difference. Use a lip scrub to exfoliate your lips to make them plump, moist and kissable. Try our very own DIY Brown Sugar and Honey Scrub. It’s quick to make and very effective.

Eye Drops

Some of us wake up to red eyes, some don’t. For the ladies and gentlemen in the former category, there’s only one quick solution: eye drops. Eye drops will give you white eyes that brighten your face and make you look naturally alert.

Skin Toned Eye Liner

This beauty trick is similar to the eye drops, as it brightens the face. Applying skin toned eye liner on your lower eyelid makes your eyes appear bigger.

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