28 Litsea Red Ginger Body Oil Review

red ginger body oil

You hear of body oils, but have you ever used them? Many people use body lotions and don’t see the need for body oils. My thinking was the same until I tried 28 Litsea’s Top Note Red Ginger Body Oil. When I tried the product, I saw that I could use it just like my body lotion…and then some. Those of you who use body oils are probably rolling your eyes and thinking: “Obviously.” But again, I was a body lotion gal – I never had oils in my skincare routine (except my beloved essential oils). So this was all new to me.

After doing research on body oils, I spoke with Christine Cunningham, founder of 28 Litsea. She helped me understand the difference between lotions/moisturizers and body oils.

“Since lotions and creams contain water, you will also find emulsifiers and preservatives in the ingredient list,” says Christine Cunningham, “whereas most ‘clean’ body oils are made up of oils alone.  Although I do own some body lotions, I tend to prefer body oils because they are light weight, easy to use, and can be a special part of a self care routine.”

Keep in mind, not all body oils are natural and gentle on the skin. As Cunningham said, “clean” body oils are made with oils only. Shop for natural brands and steer clear of large name brands. They often add toxic ingredients to preserve their products.

About 28 Litsea

red ginger body oil

28 Litsea is an indie brand with all-natural skincare products handcrafted in Boston, Massachusetts. It began in 2010 as Splurge Skincare and was re-branded in 2018 as 28 LitSea.
You can find Cunningham’s story on her website. Ingredients are vitally important in her product line. For someone who has sensitive skin, this not only reassures me, but inspires me to search for similar companies that uphold equal standards.
The Importance of Small Batch Production
All of Cunningham’s skincare products are made in small batches, meaning they’re packed and sold in small doses (as the name implies). But what exactly is the benefit of small batch production?
“At 28 Litsea we feel strongly about the benefits of producing our products in small batches,” says Cunningham. “Producing in small batches allows us to create the freshest products using only natural and pure ingredients…There is an attention to detail that goes into each batch.”
Small batches guarantee pure, non-toxic ingredients that are free of parabens, carcinogens and other chemicals. Furthermore, Cunningham uses Miron violet glass bottles, that offer protection against the effects of light. Cunningham explained that Miron glass also increases the shelf life and prolongs the potency of the ingredients.
When you purchase any body oil, the product should have a short ingredient list. Top Note Red Ginger Body Oil only has five ingredients.

My Experience with Red Ginger Body Oil

red ginger body oil

Body oils can be used a number of ways. Cunningham says it’s best used on clean, damp skin – morning or night. I sampled the oil several common ways.

1. All Day Moisture Treatment 

As a person who suffers with dry skin and delicate skin (if that’s even a thing), Top Note Red Ginger Body oil has become a staple. I recommend this product to anyone who has dry or combination skin.

As the day goes by, my skin gets dry, tightens and aches. Particularly on days when the humidity is low, my skin gets lackluster.

To combat this, I spray my face with a facial mist and then seal in the moisture with Top Note Red Ginger Body oil. Together, the products return color to my face. More importantly, it nourishes my skin and relieves me of the tightness and attributed pain.

If you have dry or combination skin, I highly recommend trying this method.

“Top Note Red Ginger Body Oil is beautifully blended with the nourishing oils of meadowfoam, baobab and squalane,” explains Cunningham. “I chose these oils for their moisturizing and healing properties.

2. During Showers 

I followed Cunningham’s suggestion and used it after my shower. After showering, I towel dried but kept my skin damp before rubbing the oil on my skin (a little goes a long way). I read that oils should be rinsed off, so initially, that’s what I did. This is a step I hated because I’m lazy, so I asked Cunningham if her body oil needs to be washed off. She assured me that it didn’t.

“My body oil can definitely be used after showering and should not be rinsed off,” says Cunningham. “The oils are light weight and will absorb into the skin.  It is very moisturizing so you would not want to rinse it off.”

3. Dry Spot Treatment 

Dry skin doesn’t occur in the spring and summer months as frequently as it does during the winter – unless you have dry skin. But if you do find dry spots, rub a very small amount of this body oil to the area. The product was specifically designed to absorb into your skin, so it doesn’t leave your body oily or greasy.

4. On My Hair 

So….I’m not exactly sure if this is one way to use the product, or if the founder would even advise this, but…yeah, I apply it to my hair. With a squirt smaller than a dime, I massage the oil onto my ends (on dry hair) every night. I don’t know if this is beneficial, but my ends do feel softer afterwards.


Let me not beat around the bush: I loved this oil. I now keep it at my desk at work and use it right through the day. With a facial mist, this is my favorite application method. My skin feels soft and shines after each use. And the smell is amazing – a slight citrus fragrance that’s long-lasting but not overwhelming. Additionally, the oil does its job: nourishes, moisturizes and heals the skin. What more can you ask for?

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