How to use Your Facial Mist Properly

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Do you use a facial mist? If you answered “No”, why not? It’s true, many people believe facial mists are an unnecessary beauty product to own. Why not use water instead? To that, I ask: why use water when you can use a product with many skin benefits? I recently reviewed the Amore Lee face mist that acts as a toner and makeup setter. Not to mention it hydrates throughout the day with every spritz. Additionally, it’s made with beneficial, all-natural ingredients. Truly nothing like water.

I think what it boils down to is, people don’t know how to properly use facial mists, or know the many ways it can be used. We’re here to help you better understand and better use this skincare product.

Buy the Right Facial Mist

There are mists that do only one thing: hydrate the skin. Extra hydration isn’t a bad thing. If that’s all you want in a facial mist, then technically that is the “right” facial mist. As the day drags on, your skin can grow dehydrated. Hydration in the form of a facial mist can protect your skin barrier, which protects collagen and elasticity (in other words, keeps you looking young). However, there are mists infused with ingredients that hydrate and nourish your skin. They can improve your skin condition based on your skin type, provide anti-aging benefits, act as a toner and as a makeup setter. In our opinion, this is the “right” facial mist to try.

The Best Way to Use Your Facial Mist

Does your face ever feel tight and uncomfortable during the day? This is the absolute best time to use your facial mist: as your go-to hydration. Without a doubt, this will instantly make your face look younger and brighter. If you have dry skin or combination skin and you don’t apply facial mist throughout the day, this may be the product you didn’t realize you needed. If you’re enjoying a makeup-free day, use your facial mist with a few drops of pure essential oil, such as lavender, ylang ylang, rose or patchouli. You can also use it with your favorite facial oil. Talk about hydration. In doing so, your skin will look and feel rejuvenated.

Double the Moisture

You should always apply your moisturizer on damp skin. Rather than using water, use a facial mist. It helps seal in moisture for plumper, younger-looking skin. After your moisturizer has absorbed, if you plan on wearing makeup, it also acts as a hydrating face primer. You can easily replace your primer with a facial mist.

Blend Your Makeup, Make it Natural

Whether you’re using a liquid foundation or powder, there are times when your makeup appears fake and cakey. It can be used as a primer, and to help your makeup appear more natural. If you set your liquid foundation with a powder, add mist to remove the powdery residue. Use it during the day to revive your makeup, creating a natural, flawless look.

Treats Oily Skin Types

It’s great for people with dry and combination skin types, but also (surprisingly, right?) people with oily skin. It all depends on the type of facial mist you buy. Specifically purchase a mist that can absorb excess oil, which are often called “mattifying mists.” These mists typically absorb oil, mattify and hydrate skin. Most of us turn to mists for the glow and shine, but if your skin type is oily, you don’t need extra shine – these facial mists provide zero shine so your skin looks healthy.

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