6 Makeup Tips to Appear Younger

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You shouldn’t ward off age with Botox, dermal fillers and/or implants. Age should be embraced naturally, as intended. With a good skincare routine, all-natural anti-aging products, and a healthy diet, you will appear younger, longer. And of course, a little makeup doesn’t hurt. When used properly, it doesn’t hide our imperfections (only), it enhances our beauty. Here are six of our favorite makeup tips to diminish a few years off your face.

A Really Good Moisturizer

This isn’t makeup, but moisturizer is so important that it had to be included. Never skip your moisturizer. Even if you have oily skin, choose an oil-free moisturizer. Dry skin ages you faster than you may know.  As one expert said, “The more hydrated your skin, the more it looks younger.”


A good primer can be used for more than creating flawless makeup. It can also be used to fill in lines, pores and wrinkles. You can use it with or without makeup. Either way, you’ll look radiant with the right primer. 

Liquid Concealer

It’s true; many concealers seep into your lines and wrinkles, which increases the appearance of old age. Some concealers also look cakey. This isn’t a good look for anyone, no matter what their age. So here’s the solution: liquid concealers in a click pen. According to makeup artist Sue Devitt in an Allure interview, “A click-pen formula covers just as well and doesn’t seep into lines.”

A Sponge Applicator (Technique)

There’s a trick behind this makeup tip to achieve complete, flawless coverage. As always, wet your sponge applicator and squeeze out the excess water until the sponge is damp. Place your favorite foundation on your hand and dab the the tip of the sponge into the foundation. Dab the makeup all over your face for full coverage. You may need to use your clean hands to properly blend. This beauty tip from Allure. According to them, this trick works because, “Between the sponge absorbing some of the foundation and the water thinning the rest, you will get optimal sheer coverage.”

Peach / Coral Blush

On the days when your skin looks dull and drab and foundation doesn’t help, use a peach blush. The brightening blush you use depends on your skin tone: for light to medium skin, use a peach blush. For medium to dark skin tones, try a coral blush. A cream blush may be than powders, as it creates a more natural appearance. And remember, apply your blush upwards, not too far down. Applying your products upwards (i.e. moisturizers, serums, facial oils) is one of the best makeup tips you can do.

Cream Highlighters

To enhance the natural brightness of your skin, apply a highlighter to your cheekbones in a C-shaped curve. As with blush, cream highlighters are best because they appear more natural. You can apply this after your foundation and concealer.

Try these makeup tips and products and see the results. We think you’ll be impressed.

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