Major Secrets to a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is all about sticking to healthy eating habits. Find out more here.

A good diet plan provides your body with all the nutrients that it requires on a daily basis, while also balancing your intake of calories to control body weight.

If a person does not consume proper nutrients, he/she is more likely to be prone to infections, fatigue and chronic diseases such as stroke, heart diseases, and certain cancers. This is why a healthy diet is equally linked to good mental health as well.

Hence, if you too wish to adopt a healthy diet plan, you must include these ten keys which make up a perfectly healthy diet plan.

Ten keys to a perfectly healthy diet plan

Here are the ten keys from the nutritionists’ point of view.

  1. Eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in your regular diet, in order to get the maximum amount of nutrients and vitamins
  2. Instead of refined, use whole grains, as it provides the body an adequate amount of fiber and lowers the risk of heart-related
  3. Reduce the added sugar which comes with the labels such as corn syrup, brown sugar, cane syrup, fruit juice concentrate, glucose-fructose etc. Added sugar only adds to calories and has no nutritional value.
  4. Avoid Trans fat and minimize saturated fat. Too much consumption of this fat increases the bad cholesterol in the body and decreases HDL – good cholesterol, causing inflammation inside the body.
  5. Emphasize more on unsaturated oils as they improve the blood cholesterol and help in reducing the body’s inflammation.
  6. Take plant-based proteins such as lentils, nuts, soy, beans etc. Unlike animal protein, plant protein provides a lot of beneficial phytochemicals which are rich in fiber too.
  7. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. It helps in running the body in high gear and in regulating the thermostat of the body. It also helps in improving your mood, sharpening the mind focus and in losing body weight.
  8. Avoid alcohol as this increases the chances of certain body cancers, disrupting the sleep and causing weight gain. If necessary, keep a moderate intake such as one drink per day for both men and women.
  9. Consider mineral supplements or multivitamins to stay healthy. While this should not be taken as a substitute for nutrient-rich foods, you can ensure the body’s need of nutrients is fulfilled with these added supplements.
  10. Maintain body weight by all means. The best way to do it is to keep a good balance of diet and exercise.

Maintaining a healthy diet is paramount to live a stress-free life, so follow the above-shared suggestions and ensure a healthy life ahead!

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