Facial oils and creams are always made up of the most harmful chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and parabens. At times, they also consist of synthetic fragrances and colors or formaldehyde just to name a few. These chemicals are known to cause allergic breakouts and/or reactions which can be really irritating for skin.

All of these factors have us looking for ‘clean’ facial oils. With these products, you can kiss allergic breakouts goodbye and embrace some amazing advantages. For one, clean facial oils use plant botanicals to provide users with the most effective protection against a plethora of skin problems. With these products, the health of your skin won’t be compromised and you will have reduced fine lines, an even skin tone and even tightened skin.

Ranking the Best Clean Facial Oils in the Market

We’ve gone on ahead and done all the dirty work. Our teams conducted tests on dozens of clean facial oil products and we’ve compiled only the very best. These products produced the most tangible results and were made completely from plants and ZERO chemicals.

Spoiler: Naked + Thriving Rejuvenate Restorative Overnight Facial Oil wins it all. But, let’s ease you into the ranks first.

Radiant Skin with the Best ‘Clean’ Facial Oils#8: ila

Among the products that just made it onto the list for sufficing average results was ‘ila’s face oil’ that promises the users with glowing radiance. The key ingredient of this product is Argan – which is why it produced such effective results.

After using this product, our team noticed even skin tones, although there seemed to be no effect on fine line reductions.

Radiant Skin with the Best ‘Clean’ Facial Oils#7: Origins Plantscription Youth–Renewing Face Oil

There are so many out there that love Origin’s beauty products, but we weren’t as overwhelmed by the results of this particular one. We will admit that the scent of this facial oil was truly amazing but we were disappointed by how it doesn’t sink well into the skin.

According to the effects our teams experienced, we would only recommend this product for users who have extremely dry skin.

Radiant Skin with the Best ‘Clean’ Facial Oils#6: goop

We all love Gwyneth Paltrow and her immortal beauty. So when she released her own label of skin health products, we were really tempted to give it a whirl. Well, our verdict – quite plain and simple – is that the facial oil worked quite well, but the scent was really off-putting. On top of all of this, the massive price tag didn’t do well for the product in our ranks either.

Radiant Skin with the Best ‘Clean’ Facial Oils#5: Odacite

This product has a really catchy tag line – “An Autumn on the World”, but has the same problem as goop – it is too expensive! That being said, it is also only half the size of our top ranked products!

Radiant Skin with the Best ‘Clean’ Facial Oils#4: SK-II Facial Treatment Oil

On the halfway mark is SK-II’s treatment oil that is heavier than all the products we have discussed simply because it consists of avocado and olive oils. These ingredients deliver great results, and it even smells really delightful. However, the problem is that fatty oil doesn’t really sink well into the user’s skin!

Radiant Skin with the Best ‘Clean’ Facial Oils#3: Josie Maran Argan Oil

This particular oil has gained quite a lot of traction over the years and we can understand why. It provides great hydration for users and isn’t too heavy. What set it back in the ranks was its performance in comparison to other products on our list.

Radiant Skin with the Best ‘Clean’ Facial Oils#2: Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum

This popular facial oil has everything users would desire for in clean beauty products. It consists of Bergamot, Hazelnut, Grape Seed Oil and has a very pleasant and earthy fragrance. The only reason why it didn’t make it to the top of our list is that it was the most expensive facial oil on our list standing at a whopping $185!

Our Pick for the Best Clean Facial Oil

Radiant Skin with the Best ‘Clean’ Facial Oils#1: Naked + Thriving Rejuvenate Restorative Overnight Facial Oil

The absolute favorite of our team was also the facial oil that had the most visibly effective results. Our team experienced considerably reduced facial lines and greatly evened skin tone. These results were so appreciated that some people couldn’t even stop touching their faces.

The quantity to price ratio is perfect as the bottle can last to up to 3 to 4 months (probably even longer for some). The Naked + Thriving Rejuvenate not only has a very cheeky name, but it also guarantees 99% organic ingredients that are completely certified. These ingredients include Pomegranate, Chia Seed, Sea Buckthorn, and Argan.

The Naked + Thriving Restorative Overnight Facial Oil will prove to be a great experience for the health and beauty of your skin. Trust us – we know!

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