You’re Never Too Old for Diaper Cream!

You’re Never Too Old for Diaper Cream!

Nappy creams are not just for baby bottoms. Sure, they keep the rash and dampness away and protect the skin – and that’s exactly why you should use them on yourself too!

What’s in it?

Fortified with zinc oxide, petroleum, mineral oil, vitamins A, D and E, diaper creams protect, soothe and heal skin by forming a protective barrier between the skin and clothes/diapers. Rashes arising due to dampness and itching are put off and the skin remains smooth and comfortable.

Why Should I Use it?

Well adults, don’t kiss your childhood goodbye yet. You’re going to run and grab a tube of diaper cream as soon as you read what we have to say!

Razor Burns

For post shaving burns, a thin layer of diaper cream is enough to calm down inflammation and tenderness, and any irritability arising from clothing contact.


For minute breakouts, a dab of nappy cream is enough to dry out the pesky pimple and also shrink it overnight!

Chub Rub

For the chubby and cute, don’t worry about short clothes anymore. A thin skin of nappy cream is enough to prevent chafing – which causes hair follicles, painful rashes and too much discomfort!

Alternative  to a Deodorant

When you run out of some deo or it itches too much to put one (especially post shaving!), apply a thin layer of diaper cream to prevent sweat patches and bad odor.

Armor for Skin Abrasions

For any tiny cuts or scrapes that’ll burn when you take a dip in the pool, a little bit of rash cream on the stop will keep the area protected from external irritants!

Dry Patches

For dry patches on the skin – or mild eczema – a dollop of nappy cream will leave your skin moisturized and supple!

What’s that I hear? You’re running to the drug store? Good – a nappy cream around is a legit blessing!

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