DermaFi Snake Venom Peptide – Is It Worth Buying?

DermaFi Snake Venom Peptide – Is It Worth Buying?

As time goes on, skin problems become more and more prominent.

With so many different issues, individuals want a skin care solution that will cease all their skin problems. This is why people (especially females) go to lengthy extents to keep their skin the way it is during their youth, even if that means experimenting with snake venom…

About the Cream & Ingredients

This skin care product is taking the skin care world by storm. It is a topical cream that is supposed to remove* wrinkles and treat mature skin. This cream takes the venom of a Temple Viper Snake which is basically the main ingredient that has Botox-like properties.

Syn-ake is an ingredient that has the ability to freeze, relax, and numb the facial muscles and skin so it can be at an expressionless state. This action allows the wrinkles to spread out, they become less visible, and they seem fewer. The cream is formulated with snake venom and ultra-hydrating agents that allow the skin to stay tight.

The best part about the DermaFi Snake Venom Peptide Cream is that is gives the same effect as Botox, but it is very inexpensive. The cream sells for $89.31, and those that want a trail can sign up for free and get it for $4.95.

Manufacturer claims

The manufacturer claims that this reduces* fine lines and improves* the overall appearance by 84%. It tightens pore up to 95% as it has ultra hydrating properties and it can make the skin 73% brighter (including the under eye area).


  • Wrinkles are less visible and there is an improved* appearance after applying.
  • It provides the skin with deep moisturizing effects.
  • Much cheaper than Botox


  • The wrinkle improvements are just temporary
  • More expensive as compared to other anti-aging creams
  • It is only available online with a subscription

Precautions & Side Effects

This cream is only supposed to be used topically. Some ingredients can irritate the skin; therefore, it is important to do a patch test before applying it to the face to see if there are any allergic reactions happening.

There are no reported side effects. However, those that have sensitive skin should use this cream with caution.

People over the age of 30 should opt for this cream, as they are the most likely to want younger looking skin. This cream uses the newest technology to remove wrinkles.

*results may vary.

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