Evanesce New York Ivory Face & Body Sponge Set – Review

Evanesce New York Ivory Face & Body Sponge Set – Review

Dear Shopper,

We want to share something with you that is so incredible that we will have to break our own rules. We would never have recommended a skin lightening product to our readers, but the Evanesce New York Ivory Face & Body Sponge Set has broken all our perceptions. It has no chemicals, bleaches, or toxic drugs in its formula. If it doesn’t have any of this, how would it work? Let’s show you.

 The Rejuvenating Face and Body Sponge Set by Evanesce New York

We were doing exactly what you are up to now when we stumbled across the perfect skin whitening product. This Face and Body Sponge Set has no harmful side effects. No harmful chemicals and doesn’t irritate the skin. Aren’t all of these normal for this category of beauty products in the market? Apparently, Evanesce New York is breaking this very perception.

This product will effectively lighten the skin of its users and it will do so in the most little time possible. What’s more? It has a price that was found to be affordable by most of the consumers from the general public.

Would you believe that we actually spend months testing as many as 542 skin lightening procedure and products to come to this verdict?  But how was this product unique from the rest?

The Secret Lies in the Magic Sponge

The reason why this product really excelled in our findings was because of what was inside the sponge. It may seem like it, but this is no ordinary sponge. The Ivory Sponge uses fibers that have been infused with proprietary and special combinations of all-natural plant ingredients and extracts. These additives allow for the Ivory Sponge to provide users with a deep cleanse lightened skin and gentle exfoliation.

The User’s skin will be restored to its original radiance and suppleness without disrupting or damaging its physiology. Such qualities in a skin lightening product cannot be found anywhere. Don’t believe us? Let’s dig a little further into the all-natural plant extracts.

All-Natural Plant Extracts

The first natural extract in the Ivory Sponge is Vitamin B1, B2, B6 and Vitamin C. All of these are achieved be natural extracts from Solarum Tuberosum and we already know that these vitamins have been used for decades as a family recipe for skin lightening.

Another special extract in the Evanesce New York’s Ivory Face & Body Sponge is the VignaRadiata plant. These extracts are rich in niacin, carotene, iron, phosphorus and calcium and provide the user a natural and deep skin cleansing with some anti-aging and anti-inflammation properties.

Lastly, the Evanesce New York’s Ivory Face & Body Sponge also consists of some special extracts from Triticum Aestivum and Zea Mays plants. The extracts from both these plants help enhance the radiance and texture of the user’s skin while also helping boost cell generation.

The Verdict

All of the above properties in this formulation bring about a mixture that promises the users with fairer and lighter skin. This isn’t all that it does though. The formula used in this product also results in multiple results like natural baby-like beauty and rejuvenated skin

What’s more? We are also especially sure that these products did not make use of any drugs, bleaches or toxic artificial chemicals. There are no potentially harmful additives in this product and the sponge guarantees complete safety for the users’ skin. There will be absolutely no side effects after using this product and it even guarantees to be safe for the most sensitive of skin types.

How to Use the Product

All you will have to do is rinse the sponge with warm and clean water and then gently massage it over your skin in a circular motion. While doing so, you will actually feel its silky soft texture making your skin noticeably brighter, clearer, cleaner, and of course – lighter.

In the first few uses you will have noticed the considerable difference on your skin. We’re sure you’re quite interested at this point, but you can go ahead and read hundreds of reviews of the product from real customers. Go ahead and visit their website to find out more.

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