Shills Black Mask Deep Cleansing Review

Shills Black Mask Deep Cleansing ReviewAsian skincare treatments are steadily gaining popularity in the US, and many Americans can be seen shifting towards products like the Shills Black Mask. Even though they still seem new in the US, products like these have been in use in countries like Japan, Korea, and Malaysia. The core idea behind these products is to deeply cleanse pores with its powerfully detoxifying ingredients such as activated charcoal.

What Past Users Though About the Product

Many people read reviews of products to decide where to spend their money. Before we dig into the product ourselves, we’d like to talk about what past consumers liked and disliked about the product.

Due to the reason that everyone has their own unique skin type, there were people who found that the Shills Black Mask adhered too strongly to the skin. This means that they found the mask difficult to remove.

While this was the only concern of most consumers, you’re about to find out why they were of this opinion.

How Shill’s Black Mask Works

The idea behind this black gel mask is to detoxify the user’s skin by deeply cleansing their pores. In order to do so, the product consists of detoxification ingredients such as charcoal. Other than this, the product consists of some chemical formulations that help bind the plugs of the mask to the inside of the user’s pores.

Unlike those masks that can be washed off, Shill’s Black Mask is a product that will have to peeled off the skin. This peeling action is what causes the product to stick so tightly to the user’s skin. Due to this peeling action, the plugs in the pores are able to pull out the contaminants in the skin.

Without actually physically extracting them with adhesion, the skin cannot be cleared as effectively as this product is able to deliver. The black gel mask helps detoxify the user’s skin by drying out on their skin while the charcoal reacts with all the toxins to neutralize them.

How to Use the Deep Cleansing Black Mask

Shill’s deep cleansing Black masks can be purchased in two categories – the Ultra Fine Particles Mask and the Black gel mask. Both of these have to be used differently so we’ll present them individually.

1. The Ultra Fine Particles Mask

You’ll find that this mask is in the form of sheets that need to be applied over the face. In order to experience the best results, you will have to first cleanse your face. Once this has been done, you can go ahead and remove one mask from the product’s packaging and then apply it over your face.

This face mask has to be left on the skin for about 15 minutes for the best results before gently peeling it off. After removing the mask, you can go ahead and moisturize your skin for moisturization and hydration.

2. The Black Gel Mask

This mask is a little different than the mask mentioned above. The Black gel mask will have to be applied onto the cleansed skin making sure that it is in a thin layer. After a few minutes as recommended by the directions, it can be washed off using lukewarm water.

An advantage that this product has over the mask sheets is that it won’t have to pulled-off or even applied to the whole face. There are a lot of consumers out there who only prefer to use this product on their nose or any other area that they think is problematic.

Ingredients in the Shills Black Mask

As mentioned above, the active ingredient in this product is mainly charcoal. In addition to this, the Black gel mask consists of arbutin to brighten the user’s skin and aloe vera to calm their skin. Other than this, it consists of chamomile to leave the user’s skin feeling those soothing effects.

So there you have it, folks. If you wish to experience Asian skincare right at home, you should definitely try this product!

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