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Recently, we had the honor of speaking with Robin Zamora, founder of All About Coconut Skincare. We also had the privilege of trying her Intense Moisture Stick. This radiant woman began her company four years ago “literally with a jar of coconut oil,” says Zamora. Talk about humble beginnings. Zamora started off slowly but surely, one natural skincare product at a time. Now with a growing business, she looks forward to what the future brings.

In the meantime, Zamora continues to produce skincare products with luxurious organic virgin coconut oil.

There’s Something about Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

As skincare addicts, gurus, bloggers and professionals, we know the importance of coconut oil for the skin. Whether taken orally or topically, coconut oil can benefit every skin type. Most of us use unrefined coconut oil, which is less processed than refined. Others choose unrefined and organic. Zamora takes it one step further. She uses 100% organic virgin coconut oil. It was learning about the benefits of organic virgin coconut oil that inspired her to start All About Coconut Skincare.

“After reading about the benefits…I began using it in my skin care routine,” Zamora says. “I loved how it absorbed quickly, contrary to how I thought an oil would behave on my skin. But one thing I discovered as a result of that quick absorption was how my skin…felt a little dry hours after applying it.”

Some of us may have had similar experiences. We likely traded our coconut oil for a more hydrating alternative, such as olive or jojoba. Yet Zamora didn’t shelf her coconut oil. She researched.

“…I learned that, because coconut oil has a small molecular structure and absorbs quickly into the deep layers of the epidermis, it can sometimes leave the top layer of your skin feeling dry.”

She went on to say that this may be the reason people don’t believe coconut oil works. There were also many sources that gave coconut oil a bad reputation. Many claimed that coconut oil has a reputation for clogging pores.

Is Coconut Oil Comedogenic?

There are many claims that coconut oil can clog pores. Yet Zamora questions the science behind this.

“…Much of the testing that was done to develop the comedogenicity rating…was done on rabbit’s ears which is far more sensitive than human skin,” explains Zamora. “…Strictly using those ratings…can be a little unreliable because everyone’s skin is unique and can vary in response to different products…”

Furthermore, she questions whether quality oil was used in these experiments.

“The question that always comes to mind,” says Zamora, “is which type of coconut oil was used to make that determination…The type and quality of the coconut oil is important.”

Zamora uses her coconut oil with other natural ingredients to enhance the overall moisturizing effect and to minimize pore-clogging effects. She does this by mixing it with other natural ingredients that have a lesser probability of clogging pores.

“I combine coconut oil with other natural oils and butters with the goal of creating products that bring out the best in coconut oil so coconut oil can bring out the best in you,” Zamora says.

All About Coconut’s Intense Moisture Stick

All About Coconut Skincare has many wonderful products to help increase the hydration of dry skin. Their selection is vast, yet I was swept away by a .35 oz moisturizer likened to a mini deodorant. The design and portability is innovative. As I am notorious for having dry skin, the idea of a convenient moisturizer appealed to me. This moisture stick can easily heal dry patches around my mouth, nose, forehead, and hydrate chapped lips.

What first caught my attention is the same thing that Zamora says she loves most about this skincare product.

“What I like most about the Intense Moisture Stick, and it’s actually the main reason I created it, is its convenient portability,” Zamora says.

She went on to explain that since coconut’s melting point is 76 degrees F., causing it to liquefy in warm temperatures, it becomes more spreadable on the skin.

But can you imagine pocketing this little stick only to find that it liquefying in your pants? Sounds messy. To prevent this from happening with the Intense Moisture Stick, Zamora combines organic coconut oil with a combination of ingredients. This way, we can safely keep it in our pockets, purses, wallets, or anywhere we so desire.

Hydrating dry skin is not it’s only purpose. Zamora explains that it can:

  • Moisturize dry hands and feet.
  • Soothe irritated skin and sunburns.
  • Soften and condition facial hair.
  • Tame flyaways by swiping your finger across the stick and smoothing flyaway hairs in place.
  • Create a breathable barrier of protection between your baby’s skin and diaper by swiping the stick across the palm of your hand and then massaging onto your baby’s bottom.
Who can benefit most from the Intense Moisture Stick?

According to Zamora, “The Intense Moisture Stick can be used on all skin types, but I would say it benefits dry, chapped skin most because of the emollient properties of the oils and butters.”

Our Experience

The portable Intense Moisture Stick is a tiny moisturizer that you can easily slip into your pocket and whip out during times of need. But don’t let the little size fool you. It’s comes with (as the name implies) intense moisture, all thanks to a combination of oils, butter and even beeswax.

“Natural beeswax acts as a protective, breathable layer on the skin’s surface and helps to lock in moisture without clogging pores,” explains Zamora. “In addition to the benefits it brings to the skin, it’s a key ingredient that contributes to the solid, but spreadable consistency of this product.”

It has no scent, except a slight and natural waft of coconut. We tried the Intense Moisture Stick on our model/co-worker, who said she prefers no scent. Many of us ladies tend to prefer when our moisturizers don’t leave a strong fragrance to compete with our perfumes. For those who wouldn’t mind a nice scent, Zamora plans to create a line of scented moisture sticks in the future.

For our model/co-worker, she says the product moisturizes very well – in her case, perhaps too well.

Is the Intense Moisture Stick Really for All Skin Types?

If you don’t have dry or combination skin, you may find it oily, as our model did. However, Zamora has a few tips for those with normal/oily skin.

“…For those who find the Intense Moisture Stick a little too oily,” Zamora says, “use less and massage it in thoroughly. A little really goes a long way. I always say that if any of the products leave a greasy feeling it’s most likely because you’ve applied too much.”

She also recommends applying the moisture stick to damp skin for the following reasons:

  1. Oils don’t hydrate – they increase hydration by sealing the skin’s existing moisture.
  2. Therefore, apply the product to damp skin for better absorption and moisturization.

We love the versatility, portability and intense moisturization of this product. Naturally, it will work wonders if you live in a dry climate, and/or struggle with dry skin. Yet, we would recommend it to everyone, men and women alike. It serves multiple purposes, and is made with all-natural ingredients. What more can you ask for?

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