Omega XL to Fight Joint Pain and Reduce Inflammation

Omega XL

When it comes to joint pain and inflammation, the supplement known as Omega XL is the current subject of discussion. The supplement is manufactured by Great Health Works Company and described as ‘highly concentrated Omega-3 – super oil – supplement’ on their website. The great Larry King also confirms its effectiveness!

Recently, there have been many mix reviews about the effectiveness of the supplement in relieving joint pain and inflammation. The supplement is formulated with the patented complex of almost 30 fatty acids, including EPA and DHA. Moreover, the product is advertised as the supplement which is natural and contains the best-handpicked ingredients.

The manufacturing company claims the formulation of this supplement in neat pharmaceutical conditions. However, the claim still remains unconfirmed.

The Ingredients and Workings of Omega XL

The two major ingredients used in this supplement are;

  • Green-lipped mussel extract—harvested in New Zealand and a rich source of many essential fatty acids
  • Olive oil – having anti-oxidant properties and used in various herbal medicines


The large amount of fatty acids used in this supplement work together to fight inflammation and relieve joint pain found in LOX – lipoxygenase and COX – cyclooxygenase pathways. In the process, the fatty acids compete with the inflammation causing acid – Arachadonic, to enter into the pathways.

Later on, the supplement displaces the agents causing inflammation, and once the inflammation is tackled, the pain automatically reduces.

Pros and Cons

When it comes to the authenticity of the supplement, the product comes with 90 days’ money back guarantee, and a discount for two future purchases of the bottles, when you make the first purchase. The producers claim the formulation has been done with handpicked and quality tested natural ingredients. And to best of our knowledge, the supplement can be taken with other medications too.

However, the ingredients of the supplements are not found to be stated explicitly on the label or website, the infomercials are paid, and hence, can be misleading. In addition, the basis of research on which the product is based is also not published on the official website.


Looking at the composition of the supplement and the “A” rated company, by BBB; we can assume the supplement to be safe for use by healthy people. The product is based on years of research and has no evidence of any side effects.

Omega XL is not a new idea in joint care, and fatty acids are generally fairly effective and safe to relieve inflammation and joint pain. All the same, one must seek caregiver advice immediately in the case of having undesirable effects.

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Omega XL
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