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sea fennel plant cell

The all-natural skin care trend is on the rise as consumers demand better ingredients in their products. These days, more men and women are reading the labels on their skin care products prior to making a purchase. Consumers are avoiding synthetic materials, such as sulfates and parabens, and are looking out for all-natural ingredients. A survey conducted by the Green Beauty Barometer showed that 40% of shoppers spend more money on all-natural beauty products.

One ingredient that is gaining more attention in recent months is plant stem cells. Dermatologists believe that stem cells (from plants) can stimulate the growth of human stem cells. Essentially, this ingredient can slow down the aging process.

One such plant stem cell that is virtually unknown but highly beneficial to skin care is sea fennel. Its cellular structure is unlike other ingredients in that it better penetrates the skin, making it stronger and more effective. It can increase one’s attractiveness by diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and it reverses hyper pigmentation (creates smoother skin). Furthermore, not only can sea fennel replenish the skin by brightening its appearance, it has antioxidant peptides that protect the skin from further damage. Sea fennel protects the skin from photo damage caused by UV rays and oxidative stress, a process that is triggered by exposure to free radicals.

What it boils down to is, sea fennel is a brightening, anti-aging, skin rejuvenating ingredient. 

You can find sea fennel stem cells in many name brand skin care products, but we love how it performs in DermaSet All-in-One Anti-Aging Cream. Combined with other natural ingredients, sea fennel triggers self-renewal within the skin. Our editors tried the product and recommended DermaSet anti-aging cream as a safe alternative to cosmetic injections. Although it comes in a small 2 ounce bottle, the cream is highly concentrated. One bottle can last up to two months – and that’s with twice daily application.

“(Sea Fennel Stem Cells) can help smooth out the look of an uneven skin tone with significant improvement.” – Dermaset Hollywood Skincare

There were many reasons why our editors approve of DermaSet All-in-One Anti Aging Cream, but some stood out more than others. First and foremost, DermaSet:

  • Firms/tightens skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Provides ingredients that are plant derived and organic – avoids the use of harsh chemicals
  • Offers deep moisture (when you use DermaSet, you can do away with your daily moisturizer)

We think this product is definitely worth a try – with DermaSet’s free 30 day trial offer, you have nothing to lose. We recommend that you take before and after pictures to see the full benefits of this anti-aging skin care product.

With the addition of sea fennel (and its many other natural ingredients), would you say yes to DermaSet?


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