Smile Direct Club: Reviews and Easy-Use Guide

Smile Direct Club: Reviews and Easy-Use Guide

Smile Direct Club, which was previously known as Smile Care Club, is offering its customers with a chance to straighten teen with custom-created teeth aligners. This service can be availed at a fraction of the cost of visiting the dentist – but the real question is – “Does Smile Direct Club work?”

How Their Service Works

Step 1

The very first step is to get your teeth assessed in order for Smile Direct Club to evaluate how they can help you out. This is because some people may require more work on their teeth as opposed to others. In some cases, Smile Direct Club may even reject a client because the health of their teeth would be better off with a dentist.

Here, you will have to avail one of two options. You could either submit an impression of your teeth in an impression mold. Once this is done, Smile Direct Club will evaluate what custom treatment plan will be the best for your smile.

Alternatively, customers can get a digital teeth scan in one of the Smile Direct Club’s SmileShops. This will bypass the whole process of creating an impression on mold but these SmileShops are only available in some cities.

Step 2

Next up, Smile Direct Club’s licensed dental professionals will access and review the customer’ to finalize a treatment plan. Once a plan has been established, their dentists and labs will collaborate to design custom created invisible teeth aligners for customers. These will straighten teeth at both – the upper and lower jaws of customers.

Once customers have received these aligners, they will have to wear them on a daily basis. Smile Direct Club also adds some teeth whitening treatments along with the custom created teeth aligners as a little bonus.

Step 3

In the recommended period of time advised by professionals at Smile Direct Club, customers will have to switch out the teeth aligners periodically. This will vary according to individual treatment plans and customers will also have to submit photos so that Smile Direct Club can track the progress.

Step 4

At an average of 4 to 8 months, your smile will have now reached its full potential. You will have a completely new smile and all of your teeth alignment needs will have been fulfilled.

Step 5

Once the customers beautiful set of teeth have been realigned, they will have to maintained using a custom created retainer. These retainers will make sure that now movement and shifting occurs once the treatment plan has concluded and that beautiful smile remains permanent.

Onto The Review: Does Smile Direct Club Work?

This is the big question that everyone seems to be asking. Our take is that Smile Direct Club’s service is perfect for non-major tooth movement and for minor relapses. It will work in the same manner as visiting the dentist but at a fraction of the cost. This is their main USP.

Other than the cost, Smile Direct Club actually reviews their potential customer’s teeth before they commit to a treatment plan. This review is absolutely free if they don’t wish to continue with the treatment plan.

Furthermore, Smile Direct Club only takes on those candidates into their program that they truly believe they can effectively treat. They do so with the help of real and certified dentists who evaluate photos, past medical records and also the mold impressions/virtual impressions. If they find that they can’t cure your smile, they will actually refund your entire evaluation fee.

All the Advantages

1. Lower Costs than Dentists

Since all the dentist appointment, inflated treatment costs and co-pays have been cut off, you will be looking at costs that are significantly lower.

2. A Monthly Payment Option

Smile Direct Club also offers its customers the opportunity to spread their payments over time with the monthly payment option.

3. The Custom Created Aligners Are Actually Attractive

Smile Direct Club’s teeth aligners are very light and thin. So much so that people you meet won’t even know you’re wearing them unless they pay close attention. As a result, you can begin smiling proudly with the custom created aligners on.

There – we have spilled all the important details. So if you’ve decided to redesign your smile to perfection, you know what to do!


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