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Everyone has a beautiful smile. Some of us, however, hesitate because we are conscious of their teeth. Have you ever considered teeth aligners? Doesn’t matter; we’re going to help you unleash your smile with the very best teeth aligners in the market. They love smiles – and hence came up with the name Smilelove.

The Gist

Smilelove is a company that sells teeth aligners tailored for the beauty and health of your smile. What sets them apart from other brands that manufacture similar products is the fact that they actually care for their customers. You’ll find that if you have any issues with any of their products or services, then they will go out of their way to rectify every problem as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Other than the customer service, their teeth impression kits deliver medical perfection. This is because of the fact that they include 2 sets of trays – one on the top and one at the bottom – in order to promise the best teeth impressions. We really believe that this is very important in delivering the best teeth aligner on the market – that too at the same price as those that are selling one set per kit.

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It’s Not Just a Product – It’s a Complete Lifestyle

Smilelove promises their customers a refund when they aren’t happy with the results they have experienced after testing the product. I mean who does that?

While you’re reeling with disbelief, let’s enlighten you about how this refund is done. Once you have been approved for their teeth aligner program – they will create 3D images of what your teeth will look like once the program has concluded.

Most of the times, customers have experienced magnificent outcomes. But every situation, individual and their sets of teeth are unique. This is why some customers tend to qualify for the Smilelove program but believe the outcome isn’t ‘as good as they though’. Don’t think the product doesn’t work as yet.

"There's no way I was getting braces as an adult..." Get clear aligners

Customers believe they didn’t experience all the benefits because of the fact that they compare their results to the 3D imagery created at the start of the program. That being said, Smilelove would like to see their customers smiling – which is why they introduced their money-back guarantee when customers aren’t completely satisfied.

Truly Striving to Deliver Excellent Customer Service

We’ve already told you that Smilelove wishes to keep its customers happy and smiling – even if they had to ‘swallow their own tongue’. So what are we going to rant about here? Let’s talk about how Smilelove promises its customer the ultimate health of their smile by dealing with every customer with a person-by-person basis.

Every program is tailored for the respective individuals’ unique beauty and the length of these programs also depends on the situation. The average time period has been found to be somewhere around 30 weeks. In this time period each set will be world alternatively for 2 weeks.

The Overall Experience

Every individual’s smile has its own beauty and similarly has its unique set of needs. This is why when you opt for their services you’ll find that it may vary from what you may have heard. When the first set of teeth aligners is placed, it is normal for customers to feel uncomfortable. The next, however, will be much easier to handle.

The further you will find yourself in this program, the easier it will have become. This is because Smilelove’s teeth aligners don’t force your teeth into position as vigorously as their competitor products do. Their products are also what are known ‘ultra-clear aligners’. They are called this because are barely noticeable and won’t affect the user’s lifestyle one bit.

With Smilelove, you can experience the best of both worlds – invisibility and comfort. Let your smile out people! It’s beautiful.

Gain confidence - Get straighter teeth with Smilelove

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