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anti-aging miracle cream

As we age, most of us can agree that we’ll happily take the wisdom without having to look older. Wrinkles, age spots, fine lines and crows feet can appear as early as 35. There’s good news though. You can achieve vibrant, more youthful-looking skin without Botox or any form of plastic surgery. Take a look at some of your favorite celebrities who are known for their natural beauty: Halle Berry has never stepped a foot in a plastic surgeon’s office and Kate Beckinsale mentioned on multiple occasions that she wants to age gracefully and naturally, like her mother.

So how do these celebrities look so good for their age? What’s their secret? There are a few hidden gems on the market, products that help to reverse the hands of time thanks to technology advancements and natural ingredients.

As we’re always on the search for new products to review, we reached out to our readers and asked them to share their number one anti-aging product. One of our readers wrote back to us with her story.

Cheryl’s Story

Cheryl, a happily married, 63 year old mother of two, has struggled with uneven skin tone caused by hyper-pigmentation since she was 29. Without fail, Cheryl said that every acne breakout left a collection of scars across her face. Over the years, the blemishes never went away, despite the countless products Cheryl tried. Instead, she tells us that the emergence of wrinkles on top of her lips, around her eyes (crows feet) and along her forehead slowly took center stage. She knew that her wrinkles and uneven skin tone made her look older than she really was. More importantly, her appearance swiftly ruined her self-esteem. When she went out in public with her daughters, both in their early thirties, people would mistake them for Cheryl’s grandchildren. Her second husband, who she is happily married to, is five years her junior, which Cheryl says only made matters worse. She often wondered, “Do people think he’s my son?”

Everywhere she went in life, Cheryl stumbled upon constant reminders of her age; especially when she looked in the mirror. Despite her struggle, Cheryl refused Botox and plastic surgery. She wanted to set a positive example for her daughters. Furthermore, she couldn’t trust the chemicals that came from Botox and the many risks of surgical procedures. What she wanted was “an anti-aging miracle cream.” After thoroughly researching anti-aging products and the best anti-aging ingredients that actually work, she admits that last year she found her fountain of youth, or what she more commonly describes as her “miracle cream.”

The Anti-Aging Miracle Cream

She writes that her blemishes began to diminish within a matter of weeks of using this product. To this day, her hyper-pigmentation isn’t 100% gone, but it has reached a point where it’s hardly noticeable anymore. Since her youth, Cheryl has always suffered from dry skin. Many years ago, she created a skincare routine with countless products to hydrate her skin so it wouldn’t look “flaky and leathery.” Since using her “anti-aging miracle cream,” she no longer needs half the products she once used. Her skin is “plump with hydration.”

It took more time, she admits, for the product to work on diminishing the appearance of her wrinkles, but the skin on her forehead, mouth and around her eyes is smoother. She believes with continuous use and a little more time, her wrinkles will diminish. She is very happy with the results. When she revealed her “miracle cream” with our team, we weren’t the slightest bit surprised. Cheryl’s anti-aging miracle cream was a product we have promoted on more than one occasion as an effective, natural anti-aging solution: DermaSet.

DermaSet 3D Renewal Science


You may have heard us talk about DermaSet and its all-natural ingredients, including argireline and sea fennel plant stem cell.

We have also toted its many benefits. In just a matter of 30 days, you may see:

  • A reduction in wrinkle depth, age spots and crows feet
  • An even skin tone and texture
  • Softer and more hydrated skin
  • An overall younger looking “air brushed” appearance

There is no guarantee that everyone will achieve the same or similar results.

Cheryl began using DermaSet with their 30 day trial offer where she received one 2 oz tube of DermaSet’s anti-aging cream, which lasts six months. Cheryl said that it did last close to six months once she learned that a small amount of the product went a long way.

You can discover DermaSet, too, for just $4.95 – the cost of shipping and handling. Reap the benefits without

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