5 Tips for a Summer Skincare Routine

5 Tips for a Summer Skincare Routine

Summer is right around the corner! The seasonal changes bring along with them colder drinks, longer nights and hotter days.

With the hot season lurking around the corner, it is essential to develop a skincare routine that fits the requisites of the weather.

Below are 5 tips that you can really benefits from for a healthy summer skincare routine:

1. Use lip balms

While you may enjoy sun-bathing, you must remember that the UV rays actually boasts hazardous effects on your skin. This is why you need to be particularly keen about the type of products you use. On this list, lip balms top!

The lip tissues are generally sensitive and fragile. This means exposure to heat can easily damage them, possibly resulting in blisters. To prevent this, always use lip balm that are SPF approved or that carry vitamin E. This will keep your lips hydrated while forming a protective layer on top, sheltering it from direct exposure to the heat.

2. Use face mists

For a healthy skincare routine in summers, always keep a face mist with you. Face mists are particularly effective in the manner that they allow your skin to cool off immediately when it is exposed to excessive heat. Face mists carry anti-oxidant properties which allow it to not only cool your skin down but also develop a strong protective layer that prevents skin damage.

3. Cover your head

Your hair is equally vulnerable to being damaged by the heat as is any other body part. And the harsh UV can easily prove to be harmful to your scalp and hair, often times giving you problems such as dandruff, discoloring and split-ends. To prevent this, always keep your head covered. You can wear hats, caps and even become the trend-setter by wearing snazzy, vibrant scarves.

4. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is the most essential summer item that you can use for a healthy skincare routine. Sunscreens carry SPF which is robust combatant against UV Rays. The sunscreen also conjectures a protective layer on your skin, giving it the necessary shelter from over exposure to heat and sunlight. Simply by wearing sunscreen you can prevent skin damages caused by heat exposure such as skin irritation, rashes, red spots, dryness, acne and even skin cancer.

5. Drink water

Water has the vital hydrogen + oxygen component that your body needs to stay hydrated. In summers, your body perspires excessively which is why it ends up losing most of its moisture. When this happens, your skin becomes irritated. As a result, your body’s sebaceous glands are triggered to produce sebum in excess. Too much oil production clogs up your pores, resulting in acne development. To prevent a series of skin related issues, it is best to follow the basics and stay hydrated.

You can also add fruits, particularly citric fruits in your water for a nice, fancy flavor.

Other than that, try staying indoors as much as possible. Stick to the basics and keep your skin clean by using anti-bacterial face washes and showering regularly. You will be able to keep your skin healthy and glowing all through summer!

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