9 Amazon Beauty Products for $18 or Less!

amazon beauty products

Amazon has always been known for its charming ability to offer you the best quality products for the lowest prices. Let’s have a look at nine Amazon beauty products:

Matcha Facial Mud Mask ($15.87)

This mask is steeped in green tea extract, which we all know s one of those miracle herbs. This product assists all those who wish to fight off anti-aging symptoms. It is loaded with deeply nourishing, hydrating, and healing ingredients that reduce blemishes, acne, and blackheads.

Lamora makeup eye brush set ($13.95)

The Lamora makeup brushes are the kind of brushes that will make you feel like a pro even if you are a rookie. This synthetic, cruelty free, vegan makeup brush set comes with the holy power of perfect blending and application for your eyelids. A bonus advantage of this is that they are easy to wash and quick to dry off.

Alaska Bear Natural Sleep Mask ($8.79)

This ultra comfortable sleeping mask, made of silk, is perfect for those restless nights. The extra padding around the nose area will block the light from reaching your eyes. Not only that, this mask is one size fits all which means anyone can benefit from it!

Bath Bombs Gift Set – Luxury Bath Fizzies ($11.97)

These essential oil infused bath bombs don’t just smell great but they are free of any GMOs as well. The colorful vegan bath bombs will give a chic Parisian look to your bath time, making you feel like Brigitte Bardot in a French movie!

Organic dandelion root tea ($6.36)

We all need a cup of a good organic dandelion tea from time to time. This herbal dandelion root is of the highest quality that you can find. Not only that, this tea is the perfect balance between sweetness and bitterness that not only calms your anxiety but keeps you awake.

Valentia organic rosewater ($14.96)

This certified organic rosewater toner spray is filled with empowering nutrients such as Vitamins A, C,D and B6. It helps clear dead skin cells, even out the skin tone, reduce dark spots, and also add a beautiful glow to it. It is all of your Korean 10 step skin care in just one bottle!

Nourish replenish organic argan oil balm ($16.83)

It is amazing how much good can be found in one bottle! This 1.75 ounce organic argan oil balm deeply hydrates the face and body, and replenishes the skin. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as it smooths the skin texture. What is even better is that it is cruelty free!

Calily life organic tea tree shampoo and conditioner ($19.95)

This fantastic duo can’t be defeated. They penetrate deep into the hair and condition the scalp. But that does not mean that they are harsh, they are gentle when it comes to cleansing and leave your hair feeling hydrated. They also protect the hair from all the dirt when you go out and restore their shine whenever you wash it.

Aritaum ginger sugar overnight lip mask ($10.35)

Living in a dry climate doesn’t mean that your lips have to look like you have been deprived of water for days! This lip balm will last for 24 hours! It contains high content of Shea Butter which leaves your lips 22.8% more moisturized as soon as you apply it.

They’re affordable and effective – so give these Amazon beauty products a try!

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