Benefits of Rose Water Toner + DIY Project

rose water toner

Nobody can deny the benefits of nature’s best toner, also known as rose water. The fresh floral scent of rose plus the soothing qualities of it infused in water make it one of the best beauty essentials that nature has to offer. It’s a heavenly fragrance in itself and has been used for centuries in different cultures in their skin care routine. If you still haven’t used rose water in your beauty regimen then the following benefits will surely change your mind:

Balances the skin’s pH levels

A healthy skin’s pH levels is 5.5 but most people, due to environmental conditions, health issue and usage of various cosmetics etc have an imbalanced pH level of the skin. Using facial products such as soaps, face washes and scrubs with harsh and abrasive ingredients cause damage to the skin over time.

If you have skin with a pH level that is anywhere from 4.5-6.2 then using rose water will be highly beneficial for you to restore it to its normal level.

Hydrates the skin

Your skin needs optimum hydration levels so that it remains soft, supple and radiant. Most toners dry out your skin because they are alcohol based. They work more like astringents to tighten your pores and remove excess oil.

But rose water toner is excellent for your skin as it doesn’t strip your skin away from its natural oils completely and leaves your skin hydrated. It helps freshen up the skin and improves the skin’s texture if used regularly.

Perfect for sensitive skin

Rose water toner has anti-inflammatory properties so it is ideal for those who have sensitive skin, such as eczema or psoriasis. It improves redness, irritation and flakiness on the skin and soothes the skin instantly when applied. It also works in reducing acne on the face because it removes excess oils from the face.

Soothes sun burns and reduces puffiness

If you had a tan or a sun burn then just apply rose water to help remove the redness and soothe the skin.

Drenching 2 cotton swabs in rose water and putting them on your eyes reduces puffiness in just a few minutes.

DIY rose water toner

You will need the following:

  • 7-10 Fresh roses (red or pink ones)
  • Distilled water (1.5 liters)


  1. Remove all the petals from their stems and wash them in lukewarm water for a bit.
  2. In a large pot filled with distilled water, add all the rose petals in the pot. Make sure the petals stay on top so as not to dilute them.
  3. Simmer the rose petals over medium heat and cover it with a lid.
  4. Let the rose petals simmer for 30 minutes and the petals have become lighter by losing their color in the water. They should be pale or very light pink.
  5. Strain the water and discard the petals.
  6. Pour the rose water in a spray bottle and shake well before using.
  7. Keep the rose water in the fridge so that it is refreshing every time you use it.

So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this amazing flower and make your very own rose water toner today!

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