The Secrets of Activated Charcoal for Youthful Skin

activated charcoal for skin

Activated charcoal is lesser known, yet one of the most effective remedies to detoxify your body. It is fine black powder, completely natural and although the idea of rubbing it on your skin may not sound so thrilling, it is a must have in your beauty routine.

Activated charcoal is produced by heating carbon and is different from what you would use for a barbecue, so no – it’s not what you think it is.

Here are some disclosed secrets to having youthful skin by using Activated Charcoal:

1. No more oily skin

Excess oil on your skin makes way for clogging and eventually leads to a blackhead outbreak or zits. Activated charcoal, if used as a mask or a cleanser, can help in extracting this excess oil from your skin. Use it twice a week to avoid over-drying your skin. If you are still unsure, mix it up with your regular cleanser and be prepared to be surprised with the results!

2. Treats Acne

Due to the way our lives are structured, we spend much time in environments that are harsh on the skin. Pollution, heat, cold, makeup etc are the common reasons behind acne breakouts and pore clogging.

Activated charcoal will prove to be a gentle exfoliation remedy in such cases. It will work to detoxify your skin from everyday dirt and bring back its natural texture, and is good to include in your skin care routine to reduce acne.

3. Unclogging the Pores

Activated charcoal, applied as a mask, will extract the dirt from your pores, leaving your face looking cleaner and fresher. This will also restore your natural complexion as clogged pores create an unwanted hue on your skin. Your pores will also be less visible, as it is the dirt and grime that makes them look bigger.

4. Body Scrub

Your face is not the only part of your body that you want looking young and fresh. Use activated charcoal as a body scrub once or twice a week and rid your skin of excess oil, dirt and toxins. Activated charcoal is a guaranteed deep skin cleanser for your body and will leave your skin reformed and healthy.

5. Works for all skin types

From oily, dry, normal to combination skin, activated charcoal works for all skin types. All you have to do is ensure that you do not exfoliate too often, especially if you have dry skin as this may lead to barring your skin of natural oil.

6. General Detox

The idea of swallowing charcoal may seem gross.  However, activated charcoal consumed or applied externally works as a great general detox. It pulls out all the harmful substances before they have a chance to affect your body.

When consumed, activated charcoal plays a similar role of a detoxifier and soaks up toxins inside your body that might eventually affect your skin. Having a spoonful of activated charcoal with water is a great remedy for looking younger!

Now that you are in on the secrets of activated charcoal, it’s time to give it a try. We know you won’t be disappointed!

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