Cleopatra was known for her natural beauty and still is considered the most beautiful woman to have ever lived. Her natural beauty rituals are sought after by women all around the world. Asian women are also known for their beauty and glowing skin. Asia really is a treasure trove for all the natural beauty secrets and tips.

Some ancient people used all kinds of weird things as part of their beauty regime such as snail mucus and crocodile dung. Now we can’t go chasing after crocodiles, but we have managed to jot down an ancient skin care routine for you which Cleopatra, our grandmothers and their moms swore by.

Ancient Skin Care Routine You Have to TryMilk Bath:

The idea of taking a milk bath might sound luxurious and extremely satisfying ancient skin care to some and absolutely absurd to others. However, people most especially women have been enjoying the benefits of a milk bath for centuries.

The benefits of taking a milk bath are uncountable, some of which are healing as milk is used to heal sunburn and general inflammation. Milk also contains lactic acid which works as a gentle exfoliator for your skin. Not only this, taking a milk bath leaves your skin feeling silky, smooth and hydrated. Once you have scrubbed your body, soak yourself in a milk bath and add a few drops of some essential oil for fragrance. You’ll walk out of the bath feeling like a princess.

Ancient Skin Care Routine You Have to TrySalt Scrub:

Sea salt is a commonly used ingredient in the beauty and skin care industry now. Back in the olden days as the legend goes, Cleopatra would get salt extracted from the sea and mines, and use it to scrub her body. Salt scrubs are great for exfoliation, cleansing the skin, and encouraging regeneration of skin cells.

Scrub your body gently before taking a bath.

Ancient Skin Care Routine You Have to TryRose Water:

Another commonly used ingredient in the ancient skin care industry. This ingredient has been approved by many ancient legends and princesses. Rose water apart from its beautiful fragrance, has multiple other uses and benefits. It acts as a toner as it is a very delicate astringent. it can be used as a hydrator and most importantly rose water helps cool the skin and get rid of irritation and inflammation.

Spray rose water all over your face to ensure moisture locks in, leaving a cooling sensation.

Ancient Skin Care Routine You Have to TryTurmeric:

Many Asian grandmothers make sure that turmeric is an intrinsic part of their granddaughter’s beauty ritual before their big day. However, previously women used turmeric more frequently as it decreased the chances of wrinkles and kept their skin tone even. It is also known to fade off the unnecessary tan and discoloration. This turmeric face mask is simple and very beneficial. All you need is a teaspoon of honey, a tablespoon of almond milk and a teaspoon of turmeric. Mix it all up and ta-da there you have it! You can use this before or after a shower, twice every week.

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