Each year, makeup artists and other beauty influencers come up with a new beauty trends, some of which are good and some are just a waste of time and makeup. Since the beauty industry has been changing drastically, the make up trends are changing with it too. If you have deep appreciation for makeup, you will follow any of these beauty trends just to try it once, and see it it’s a fail or a win for you. 2019 is all about trying different colors on your eyes, lips, nails and even lashes. People have started embracing their natural glow and gone are the days when everyone was obsessing over fair skin. Here we are listing down some of the craziest beauty trends of 2019.

Colorful Eyes

Time to put aside your boring neutral palettes and pick up the craziest color out to use on your eyes. Pink eye shadow is a trend going on this year. Couple up your pink eye shadow with a cherry red lip or go for neon colors this year. Use colorful eyeliners and mascara and introduce yourself to your bold side.

Tinted Lip Balms

Tinted lip balms are going to become a huge thing this year. Lip balm is a must have for every woman because let’s be honest, nobody likes chapped lips and having a tinted lip balm is like a pure blessing. You won’t have to go through the hassle of adding a slash of color to your lip balm every morning.

Keeping Your Skin Healthy Natural

This trend has to be one of the best trends ever. People nowadays are going very light on their skin by using a tinted moisturizer or sunscreen instead of wearing foundation daily. They are letting their skin breathe by avoiding heavy make up and by embracing their natural skin.

Monochromatic Makeup

This new trend is all about using the same shade on your face in different ways. While doing monochromatic makeup, keep in mind that you have to use same tones, but different shades of color. Make sure your eyes, cheeks and lips all look the same, but in a beautiful way.

Bold Brows

Thick brows have been in style since quite a long time, but this year we are seeing more of it. Having bold, thick and in shape eyebrows is essential these days. Your brows can totally change your look.

Glossy Makeup

Lip gloss is something we have been using since our childhood, but acing a glossy eye shadow can give you a tough time. Apply your eye shadow on and once you are done, then apply your lip gloss on your eyes, but just a layer and get that dewy wet look in a few seconds.

Natural Lashes

People these days are going natural on everything. Having natural lashes is the next big thing going on this year. People are using natural solutions like castor oil, grape seed oil and aloe vera to help their lashes grow and become strong.

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