Buying Cosmetic Products Within a Budget



It’s not easy to open up a magazine, walk down a shopping street, or surf the internet, without seeing countless ads for cosmetic brands splashed everywhere. There are so many options available that people who don’t even know how to apply makeup or use it on a regular basis, own some of it to some extent.

There were only a few choices available in the market before from which everyone would buy and use. Now, every other person is a makeup artist, beauty blogger or vlogger. Most big names in the television industry have their own makeup lines and they cost an arm and a leg. Designer makeup is exorbitantly priced. The quality may be good, but the price makes it unaffordable for the masses.

So what options do you have when you’re on a budget? Read on to find out.


Make research your best friend. If you know your cosmetic products, there’s a high chance you will know the dupes of your favorite makeup products such as lipstick colors etc. A high price does not necessarily mean high quality. There are many drug store brands that have the same colors and applications as the high end ones. The best part about buying cosmetics on a budget is that you can buy more of it.

Testers and Samples

Most high end brands have testers that they give out for free at big makeup stores. You can always stock up on those and use them for special occasions. For instance, they have testers of foundation and concealers in neat like plastic sachets which can last you up to 2 applications. You can always ask the sales representatives for a sample of a high end product. They usually have samples for some expensive brands in the hopes that after using the sample, you would buy the product. The samples will last you longer than the testers.

Online shopping

A lot of the times, especially during the holiday sales, you can find very affordable deals on cosmetic products online. The same makeup would be relatively higher priced at a fancy store than on the internet. Before purchasing from a high-end store, browse the internet to try your luck online for the best bargain deals and offers.

Wait for Sales

Sale season is every shopper’s dream. Makeup is not something you would need at a short notice so try and test the makeup you feel you may need and wait for a sale to go live. Holiday sales are better than the season end sales. Save your cash to stock up on your favorite make up products when they are offered on half off prices.

2 for 1

Buying two-in-one makeup products is better than spending on 2 separate products. For instance, investing in a lip and cheek stain will be a lot cheaper than buying blush and a lipstick. A tinted moisturizer is better than buying moisturizer and foundation. You can be creative and turn a product into multipurpose. For example, you can use brown eye shadow to do your eye brows and contour as well. A brown shaded lipstick can also be doubled for contouring.

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