7 Myths About Facial Cleansing Brushes

facial cleansing brushes

Facial cleansing brushes have been in the market for quite some time now yet they are still considered to be among the trendiest skincare items.

The cleansing brushes, as the name suggest, cleanse your face thoroughly. However, they are much more than just your regular cleansing tool. They provide wonderful skin benefits from removing the dead skin cells to tightening the skin to rejuvenating your skin.

However, there is plenty of wrong information surrounding the cleansing brushes which have caused a lot of confusion about them.

We are debunking the 7 most common misconceptions about facial cleansing brushes.

1. They Irritate the Skin and Cause Acne Breakout

If you are using a facial cleansing brush for the first time it is natural for your skin to get irritated and experience an acne flare-up, but this is known as the “adjustment period”. With time your skin will get used to the cleansing brush. You just have to make sure that you use plenty of cleanser and water on the brush to avoid irritation.

2. Men & Women with Sensitive Skin Can’t Use Them

If you take the right precautions, you can easily use them.

Stick with a cleanser that is friendly to your sensitive skin. Make sure that you use the cleansing brush only once or twice a week. Also, ensure that you softly and gently cleanse your face with the brush. Cleansing harshly will, of course, harm your skin.

3. It Will Spread Bacteria All Over the Face

This will only happen if you don’t properly wash your cleansing brush after cleansing your face. What you need to do is to thoroughly rinse the cleansing brush under warm water and use unscented liquid soap to remove the dirt and makeup residue.

4. All Cleansing Brushes Are the Same

Different cleansing brushes serve different purposes. For instance, some are designed to target the fine lines and wrinkles while others rejuvenate the skin. The quality of every cleansing brush varies and that is reflected in their prices.

5. They Are Hard to Use

A logical question: If facial cleansing brushes were hard to use then why would they be so popular? Cleansing brushes are very easy to use. You wouldn’t even need any manual instructions to use them! They are very convenient as they do all the cleansing work for you.

6. You Can Use the Same Cleansing Brush for Both Face and Body

If you use the same brush head for your face and body, you will be transferring the bacteria and dead skin cells from one place to another. This can result in an acne breakout.

You can’t use the same cleansing brush for your face and body as the skin of your face is sensitive and delicate while the skin of your body is thick and hard. Thus, the cleansing brushes for both body and face are designed differently.

7. They are Too Expensive

Cleansing brushes can get a little pricey but that doesn’t mean you can’t find the affordable ones. You can easily find a facial cleansing brush that fits your budget at online and at beauty shops.

No matter what you have heard about the facial cleansing brushes, they can be a great item worth adding to your skincare routine.

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