Our Favorite Bloggers and YouTubers – June


In this day and age, everything we see online is what we get inspired by. Whether it is a makeup trend, skincare hack, or new fashion style, everyone wants to make sure they are rocking it, flawlessly. While some people have the skills to pull off these trends well by following other people’s advice, others have a hard time doing so.

To make things easier for us normal folks, we have been blessed with talented bloggers and YouTubers. However, it is important to keep in mind that there are many, many bloggers and YouTubers talking about and following the same trends. This makes it hard for individuals to choose who they want to follow.

To make things even easier on your end, we have the top 3 bloggers and YouTubers who can definitely make your –fashion (and social) – life easier.


Nikkie de Jager (also known as NikkieTutorials) is a YouTuber known for her flawless makeup and beauty vlogs. She is popularly known to wear high coverage foundations accompanied by breathtaking eye makeup looks that catches everyone off guard. From doing product reviews to glamorizing Hollywood’s most popular faces, Nikkie has definitely proven to the world that she knows what she’s doing. The best part about her is that all her reviews are done honestly and she never worries about what the PR thinks of her if the review is not glorified. Because she is so genuine, Nikkie has not only become famous but also has become an important name in the YouTube community.

The RAEviewer

The RAEviewer is a beauty blog that gives thoughtful reviews on high-end luxury and affordable drugstore makeup. Whether you want to look at the newest lipstick shades by a certain brand or know the technique for flawless eyebrows, this blog has it all. Rae (the founder) makes sure she is making beauty an accessible and easy thing for girls (and some boys) all over the world so they can feel confident in themselves while investing in the right products. Since many makeup products can be on the expensive side, this blog can help you save money, rather than make you splurge on something useless.

James Charles

Apart from being the founder of the famous tag line “Hello Sisters,” James Charles is a well-known Youtuber and the first ever male to be on the cover of CoverGirl. From a young age, Charles knew that he was not interested in the things boys were interested in. Instead, he was drawn towards makeup and fashion. Lucky for him, he did not let his passion dim and so he began his journey. He started applying makeup to his face and started making honest reviews on hyped products. With his sincerity and honesty, more and more people started appreciating his art and exotic makeup. Today, he is known as a YouTube sensation and seems to get more passionate with every new day.

These are the top beauty bloggers and YouTubers that you need to be following in June! If you missed our May edition, check it out!

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