Choosing the Right Foundation for Your Skin Type


Finding the right type of foundation is, in all honesty, a nightmare for most of us. Foundation is one of the most important parts of the entire makeup routine. They are the products that will provide you with the flawless base you need to pull off that dramatic eye-shadow or that bold lipstick.

Sometimes our skin tends to suffer a bit thanks to environmental pollution, hormones, our nitpicking, bad skin care products, etc. All of these can leave some sort of a mark on our face which we are not able to get rid of too quickly.

However, foundation is the perfect fix for that – next to a good skincare routine. It becomes your second skin when you go out. This is exactly why it needs to be exactly according to your requirements when you need to pull it off. This means that it should be the same shape as your skin color and also be kind to your skin texture, whether it is oil, dry, combination, sensitive, or mature.

Following are some of the tips that you can follow to achieve that perfect base!

Have a look at these foundation types and the characteristics of the skin that they suit, and see for yourself which one suits you:

Matte finish foundations

These types of foundation are ideal for oily skin types. They are lightweight and easy to blend. They are also very buildable when it comes to the coverage. The reason they are the best for oily skin is that they are really good at holding back the excess oily shine and generally the best choice for covering up skin that is filled with blemishes. This is also a great foundation for all those living in humid climates and cannot get their foundation to last.

Liquid foundations

This type of foundation usually gives light to medium coverage. They hydrate the skin without making it too greasy. They are typically best for dry and combination skin. They give off a satin matte finish and also a slight youthful-looking glow.

Pressed powder or loose powder foundation

This is one of the fastest ways for someone with slightly oily or dry skin to get a smooth finish. These powder foundations tend to offer subtle glow which will give you the lit from within look. They are lightweight and are perfect to use during the daytime.

However, there are some downsides to this foundation as well. If you have very oily skin the foundation will look clumpy or slide into the pores. If your skin leans towards the extreme scale of dryness, then it will absorb all the moisture and make your skin look drier. Also, building coverage can be a problem since the skin can look cakey and powdery.

Stick foundations

These foundations are great for those who wish to get a more medium and full coverage. However, the problem with these foundations is that they have a thick and waxy texture which can easily lead the oily skin to breakout. They are also very difficult to blend on larger areas and can also crease the under eye, giving the appearance of wrinkles.

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