Four Ways to Benefit From Using a Night Cream

night cream

How many times have you come back home after a long tiring day at work and just wanted to tumble into bed with no regard for your skin? At this point, taking off your makeup and moisturizing your skin may seem like a lot of work that you’re simply not up for!

Ditching this otherwise easy beauty regimen for catching up on your much-needed beauty sleep may seem like a better option. But boy, will you regret it in the long run!

Night cream plays a key role in making your skin healthy, youthful and glowing. Here are four simple ways you can take full-fledged benefits from it. So, read on!

Ways to Properly Use a Night Cream

Just as we use a moisturizer in the daytime to pamper our skin, a night cream is a necessary beauty product to nourish our skin during the night.

  • Before applying a night cream it is imperative to clean your face. Make sure you remove all the dirt from the face by using a soaked cotton ball.
  • Apply a small quantity of night cream on the face. Using an excessive amount of cream can clog the pores and may lead to an acne breakout.
  • While applying a night cream, massage it gently in an upward circular direction. Doing so, will prevent the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging.
  • Make sure not to apply the cream too close to your eyes. It will warm up on your skin and potentially seep into your eyes.

Amazing Benefits of a Night Cream


It is during the night time when your skin is ready to repair itself. By applying a night cream like Pond’s Age Miracle Deep Action NightCream, you can help the skin absorb the richness of the cream and wake up to glowing skin.

The cream works its magic by diminishing fine lines and wrinkled skin, making you look more refreshed the next morning.

Deep Moisture

Night creams use higher levels of emollients which help to keep the skin super hydrated.

Applying a night cream with a high moisture level is necessary for men and women who have dry skin. We suggest you use Aviance Hydra Balance Night Restore Crème Masque which helps restore the skin’s moisture and you will surely wake up to softer, more supple skin.

Luminous Skin

Besides hydrating your skin, a night cream can make your skin radiant and fresh.

Use night creams like Lakme Absolute Perfect Radiance Intense Lightening Night Repair Crème which is known for brightening the skin and making it softer. Use it every night before going to bed for effective results.

Controls Breakouts

Getting rid of acne breakouts can be quite difficult but not when you use Vichy Normadorm NightCream.

It effectively controls acne and oil secretion. Hence, it is quite beneficial for those who have both oily skin and acne prone skin. The cream amazingly shrinks the pores and makes the skin visibly clear, smooth and soft.

A night cream is easy to apply and comes with many wonderful benefits. So, don’t think twice to add this beauty product to your skin care regimen if you don’t already have one.

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