Hydroxatone Review – Does Mixing Beauty with Science Produce Real Results?

Hydroxatone Review

Let’s be honest, there’s no shortage of skincare treatments on the today — everywhere you look there’s another cream promising amazing results, as long as you can pay a pretty penny. It can be difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff with so much white noise coming in. So we’ve attempted to take an unbiased look at many of the treatments on the market to evaluate them for what they really provide.

An Introduction to Hydroxatone

Hydroxatone’s anti-aging BB cream is advertized as part of a range of cosmetic treatments including several anti-wrinkle creams, a body firming lotion and an intensive youth serum. The majority of these products definitely have a strong-anti-aging focus, giving Hydroxatone’s website a clear sense of purpose and definition.

The website is clean and easy-to-navigate, each product has a dedicated page with a brief description, price point and ingredient checklist provided. The product listing is somewhat confusing however, as many of the treatments seem to provide similar results. There are 5 different anti-wrinkle treatments that we can see, two under-eye treatments, and multiple anti-aging solutions. For new customers it can be difficult to navigate such an extensive range, to figure out exactly which product they should purchase.

The anti-aging cream promises some wide-ranging benefits. While it’s advertized as an anti-aging cream, Hydroxatone also promises Sun Factor 40 protection, and concealing properties. Amongst its anti-aging benefits are: reduction in lines and wrinkles, firming and toning of the skin, skin brightening and an overall rejuvenating effect on the skin cells.

Hydroxatone: A Closer Look

In comparison to competing anti-aging treatments such as DermaSet and Stemuderm, Hydroxatone makes no specific mention of natural/organic ingredients as part of its formula. Indeed, the active ingredient that’s most advertized in its listing is titanium dioxide, which is primarily used in sunscreens rather than beauty solutions.

The main listed anti-aging ingredient in the formula seems to be vitamin C, which is of course a great element for promoting healthy collagen and skin rejuvenation. Hydroxatone also mentions its patented PhytoCellTec mixture, which is used to help maintain the skin’s natural cell renewal processes and also incite increased vitality at the stem cell level.  Unfortunately the specific composition of this mixture is not provided.

In the exhaustive run-down of ingredients provided Hydroxatone does make mention of many acknowledged anti-aging ingredients such as lightening sh-Polypeptide- 7, natural extracts such as Melissa Officinalis and Mistletoe extract, and essential fruit and soy-based oils.

While these are all good ingredients for promoting healthier skin, none of these are active ingredients. Hydroxatone also forgoes many of the higher quality ingredients being used in comparative treatments such as apple stem cells, and hyaluronic acid. The seemingly lower-quality of ingredients might explain why Hydroxatone is pitched at a lower price point of approx. $60.

Hydroxatone: The Best Alternative to Cosmetic Surgery?

Hydroxatone definitely offers some great anti-aging benefits, with its inclusion of Vitamin C, and the patented PhytoCellTec formula, the anti-aging cream ensures that your skin is receiving many of the vital nutrients it needs to stay healthy.  However in a competitive anti-aging market, we would have appreciated a greater commitment to high quality ingredients.  With such an exhaustive ingredients list we would also have liked a more detailed breakdown of how the ingredients work together to produce anti-aging benefits.

Hydroxatone: Pros and Cons

  • Vitamin C, and PhytoCellTec formula provide many vital nutrients for skin cells
  • Protection from harmful UV rays, prevents aging
  • Lack of high quality ingredients
  • Mid-range price point
  • No free trial
  • Products are best used in conjunction with complementary treatments such as the milky cleanser and age-defying toner

Should You Buy It?

If you’re looking for a specialty anti-aging product then we would not recommend Hydroxatone, the product instead seems to be marketed with a wide range of cosmetic benefits that suit a more general skincare product. If you want to see concerted skincare benefits, you’ll have to use the product in conjunction with additional treatments in the Hydroxatone range.

While the mid-range price point is appealing, there are no trials or money back guarantees on offer so please do make sure you’ve researched the product thoroughly before purchase.

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