Makeup Trends around the World

Makeup Trends around the World

Make up has been around for centuries. Every year, a new makeup trend is discovered and appreciated throughout the world. Women from different countries around the world are eager to improve their beauty knowledge and try the newest techniques to create unique, appealing looks.

Makeup is appreciated differently all around the world and majority of countries have set their own trend. Here is a quick review of the makeup trends prevailing in seven different countries:

Japan – Doll Face

Having rosy blush high up on the cheeks has become a big trend around Japan. The doll face look is a flush of pink under the eyes that make the face look softer, younger, and rounder. Japanese beauty trends are seen as eccentric as women love wearing colored contacts and thick fake lashes on a daily basis.

Korea – Glow

Blushed cheeks and hydrated skin fits the Korean aesthetics. Korean females prefer applying lightweight BB and CC creams with blushes that provide them a flushed look. On top of that, they like using hydrating mists or water skin finishers that give their skin a glowing and shiny finish.

France – Highlight

French women are embracing highlighting rather than contour. They prefer to accentuate parts of their face rather than shading them. French makeup artists say that a highlighter should be applied to the areas of the face where the light hits directly.

United Kingdom and Dubai – Bold Brows

Eyebrows have been an obsession in the past. The two regions that love this trend are the UK and Dubai. While the females in the UK prefer their brows to be lush and arched, the women of Dubai like theirs to be flat.

Brazil – Lower Lash Liner

Brazilian women are gifted with thick, dark upper lash lines so they try to give the same effect on their lower lash line by giving it definition. They usually use waterproof mascara or pencil liners, which is applied and blended with a brush on the lower lash line.

Latin America – Color Pop

Women in Latin America like to add a pop of color under their eyes. They use bright color such as blues and pinks to enhance their lower lash line.

India – Color Play

Indian women love experimenting with color play on their eyelids. If they are applying pastel colors, they choose to accentuate it with strong contrasting eyeliner. The colors of the eyeliners range from electric blues to magenta pinks and shocking greens.

Every country has different trends that they follow, but it does not mean they do not embrace the others. Makeup is something everyone should have fun with because it follows no defined rules.

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