Ways You Can Do a No Makeup Look

Ways You Can Do a No Makeup Look

Everyone loves a little natural touch. Especially because of how makeup trends have changed over the years, increasing the popularity of the “no makeup look”. This is specifically because of how common makeup has become. It is now almost a necessity in your life. Be it while going to college or a party, a wedding or a meeting, makeup has become almost essential to look presentable. However, many people are not fans of full makeup looks. For a lot people makeup just isn’t their strong hold and they would anytime prefer subtle looks. This article is for those of you who want to look amazing without having to do too much makeup and more specifically to show you ways you can apply the “no makeup look” in your life.

Cleanse your skin

Your skin can easily attract bacteria, dirt and excess oils. Hence, before any procedure you should first use a cleanser to take off all what has been sitting on your skin. After this, wash your face with a face wash which suits your skin type and pat your skin dry.

Now that your skin is free of all impurities, you can move onto the next step.

Use a Primer

Primers help smooth out your skin, they can be especially beneficial to give you a matte look without you having to use any heavy foundations or contour products. The availability of different sorts of primers makes it even easier for you to choose the right kind for your skin before you apply it. If you are victim to large pores, you can use a pore filling primer which helps even out your skin without creating a thick layer over it.

Use a moisturizer or BB cream

Moisturizers and BB creams are not as heavy on your face as foundations. Where the main function of foundations is to cover all blemishes and marks on your face. These products help blend all marks on your skin with your skin tone and instead make you look fresher. They also do not completely hide freckles and blemishes, and that is how your make up looks more natural. If you don’t want your problem areas to be really visible, you can use a concealer to hide them.  For a moisturizer you can try DermaSet’s 3D Renewal Science. Although it is a really effective anti-aging product, it is a great moisturizer that you can use as a base before putting on any makeup. With your purchase you can use our special promo code “ISKINCARE” to get $40 OFF and Free Shipping.

Now comes the part which lifts up the entire look

Adding a little pink to your skin does not only make you look fresh and rosy, but also makes your skin feel healthier. Since you have not used any foundation or contouring products on your skin, you should use a cream blush or a cheek tint to get your desired shade of pink. Foundations help hold powder makeup on your face, since you have not applied any, it is best that you use the creamier version of a blush. Just apply some to the apple of your cheeks and you are done!

Lastly, you can use a little mascara and brow tint to highlight the area around your eyes, this defines the entire look. End your no makeup look with a peachy, natural pink shade of a lip tint or lip popsicle and you’re ready!

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