The Magical Powers of Aloe Vera

Caring for your skin, hair, teeth, nails and juggling it all takes a toll. Are you tired and beginning to slack off? Wish you had a magic wand whose one single wave would work wonders and suffice for all your beauty- regimes instead? If your wish was such, nature has granted you this much!

We’re talking about, aloe vera, nature’s miracle plant. Read on to find how it can work wonders for you too.

For skin

The fact that aloe vera has long been used as a tropical medication is proof of its healing abilities. If you have an acne-prone skin, aloe vera’s antibacterial properties will prevent bacteria from infecting your pores, while its astringent property can help remove oil and dirt and rejuvenate your skin.

Simply rub Aloe Vera gel gently on your face to prevent acne-breakouts.

The major cause of skin sagging and premature skin aging is a drop in the skin’s elasticity. Aloe gel contains collagen and the moisture needed to restore and repair your damaged skin cells, hence, freeing you from worrying about wrinkles.

For hair

Use that gel on your scalp as well! Be it hair loss or dandruff, aloe vera is known to cure both. Massage some of its gel on your scalp and let it sit for an hour before rinsing it off normally. The immediate softness and shine you will notice, speaks volume for the promising returns from its continued usage.

For teeth

When you have a nature’s gift like aloe vera, there’s no need to treat your teeth with harsh, synthetic chemicals. You will find mouth-rinsing with aloe vera juice sufficient to prevent the buildup of plaque on your teeth and give you that bright, Hollywood smile you so desperately want.

For nails

Treat your nails to a simple yet amazing manicure anytime you want. Soak your nails in aloe vera juice for a couple of minutes then rinse it off to get a pro-salon-like shine.

However, not all plants are suitable for use. Make sure to get the aloe vera that is safe for applying.

Terrific, isn’t it? Let us know what wonders aloe worked for you.

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