3 Smoothies for Making Your Skin Smooth

Perfect flawless skin is the dream and the goal for a number of people out there. I am sure it is yours too.

We all have tried a number of skin products to make it flawless and smooth. You drink tons of water, go on detox diets, try exfoliation scrubs and skin treatments…yet still you never get the required result.

But have you ever thought that maybe something like a smoothie can be of help as well? Well they can! Smoothies can help in attaining a better glowing skin which will make your companions jealous and envious of you.

Following are some smoothies which might come in handy.

Hydrating Smoothie:

It is crucial that your skin stays hydrated and what can be more helpful in this regard than a cucumber? Cucumber is the key ingredient since it is rich in water and has antioxidants. This keeps away the wrinkles and keeps your skin smooth.

Apple Smoothie:

We’ve all heard of an apple a day keeping the doctor away.

Well an apple smoothie keeps the dullness away from your skin. With green juicy apples and spinach as its major ingredients, this combo provides the vitamins needed for a refreshing skin and also the collagen that is required.

Purple Smoothie:

This a smoothie that has a beautiful purple color like it’s made of berries. I warn you, do not fall for its façade though. It actually has purple cabbage in it. Purple cabbage is packed with vitamin C that helps with collagen production and antioxidants that fight skin damage

These smoothies are easy to make for result-driven, flawless looking skin! If you’re tired of having uneven, blemished skin then blend yourself a quick one and get your desirable skin within a few days!

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