Yoga Over 40: A Routine to Kick start Your Day


Everyone who passes the “40 age mark” truly begins to understand the woes of aging. Throbbing joints, appearance of wrinkles, fatigue, and constant tiredness are just some of the many side effects of getting older.

But don’t let the thought of your 40’s approaching scare you because there’s a magic solution that can make you look and feel even more youthful than most young people! That magic solution is called yoga.

Start anew at your forties with some of these very effective yoga posses and kick-start every day of your life like the boss you are.

Just like W. B. Pitkin said,

Life begins at forty. – W. B. Pitkin

· Begin Slow With the Mountain Pose

It’s ridiculous how effective this simple pose is, but it helps your aging body get into the yoga mode, keeps you balanced and helps you relax. More importantly, it saves you from becoming victim of that slouching posture that comes with aging.

· Warrior Pose

Lower body suffers the most with aging and it is felt most as soon as you wake up. Make a habit of sleeping early and waking up earlier and start your day with a strong warrior pose. This pose will stretch your thighs and hips and will strengthen your lower body. No more aaah-ing and ooh-ing every time you move.

· Tree Pose

As you age, you often find yourself looking for support from some balance. Why rely on inanimate objects when you have your own sturdy legs. Just practice tree pose which is easy for beginners and keeps you grounded and balanced.

· Shoulder Rolls

Now that you’re done with your legs, move to your arms. You definitely need strength there if you are wishing to smack some sense to the young ones around you. Just roll your shoulders forward and backward ten times into big circles and that’s all.

If you feel any trembling, you can stop for the day and start again the next morning.

· Trapezius Stretches

Trapezius is the large group of three muscles on the back of our neck and shoulders. These muscles really get stiff if you sit in one same position for a long time.  Doing trapezius stretches is not only beneficial in long term but also makes you feel relaxed and comfortable at the moment.

Just bring your chin down to your neck and tilt it lightly to your right for 30 seconds and then to the left for 30 seconds.

· Bird Dog

Backs pain is another common symptom of aging. To nip this evil in the bud, make sure to attain a bird dog pose. This pose is beneficial for back support, as it stretches the spine and the back body and also gets rid of the fats in your belly.

These posses might seem hard at first, but within a week, you’ll get the hang of it. All it will take is 30 minutes in the morning and you’ll be able to start your day rejuvenated, refreshed and full of positive energy.

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