Beautify Your Skin and Hair with Vaseline


Who would have thought that the same petroleum that fuels engines, generates electricity, and creates asphalt would also become one of the cult-classic staples for everything and anything?

Certainly no one, not even Robert Chesebrough! Who is he? The man who came up with the breakthrough idea of Vaseline! In fact, he didn’t even know the full potentials of his discovery and sold it as a medicinal-salve.

While it was later discovered that Vaseline has no curative abilities (and Chesebrough found it the hard way) it still has wide-ranging functions.

In fact, there’s even a song in its honor.

Today it is a must-have household product that’s used all across the globe. Many people might not know this, but it can even beautify skin and hair!

Here’s how:

· Get Rid of Cracked and Scaly Skin

People suffering from extremely dry skin, dry to the point of being scaly and painfully cracked would find solace with Vaseline. It has the ability to create a barrier on the skin that prevents bacteria from invading it. When bacteria stays away, cracked skin heals faster. Additionally, Vaseline is extremely moisturizing. Hence people who work in dry and cold conditions can still keep their skin healthy.

· Get Thick Lashes and Eyebrows

All you have to do is dip an old mascara wand in a jar of Vaseline and apply it on your lashes and eyebrows every night. It will you give natural looking thick and luscious eyebrows and lashes.

· Make a DIY Anti-Aging Face Mask

If you are nearing your 30’s and want to get started on anti-aging techniques, Vaseline is here to help. Just make a homemade mask using 2 spoons of melted Vaseline, I tbsp of honey and 1 egg white. Apply on face and neck, and wash it off with cold water after 20 minutes. With it’s moisturizing abilities, and honey’s tightening abilities, your wrinkles and fine lines will stay diminish over time.

· Say Goodbye to Dandruff

Dandruff contributes to a dry and scaly scalp which results in hair loss. It also dulls your hair. If you have dandruff, apply it on your scalp 20 minutes before a shower and wrap a warm towel on your head. Do it frequently and you’ll notice your dandruff diminishing with time!

· No More Split Ends

If split ends are one of your woes, the Vaseline is here to end it all. Split ends often occur because of excessive blow drying. Trim your hair first, and then make a habit of slathering the ends of your hair in Vaseline twice a week. Do it rigorously and those detested ends will be gone.

· Dark Circles

Dark circles are not a good look on anyone. It makes us look like a raccoon and we have to douse them in concealer before we can leave the house. It can get rid of eye bags. Just mix a spoonful of Vaseline with few drops of lemon juice and apply it on your dark circles.

Wipe it off and voila! Bags will be gone.

In addition to the above hacks, there are a lot more you can use it for. Always remember to have a jar at home.

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