8 Quotes & Images only Skincare Addicts Understand

skincare addict

Sometimes it seems like skincare addicts, lovers, gurus and professionals share a world to themselves. Tell someone who doesn’t share your interest in skincare that your draining your lymphatic system – what sort of look would you get?


skincare addicts

Their understanding of moisturizers is limited. They hear about toners on occasion, but aren’t sure what their purpose is. And they have no clue about face serums. We who care about our skin live on an island of beauty all to ourselves. And there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, we find some humor behind it. Here are 7 quotes you will understand but will go over the head of your friend whose routine is a cleanse with lukewarm water and a random moisturizer they purchased at the drugstore. By the way, you do know that¬†purchasing skincare products at drugstores is a huge no-no, right?

Quotes and Images Only Skincare Addicts Understand


skincare addict

When your friend sees an image like this, he/she will be aghast. “Is this supposed to be a Halloween costume?”

You, on the other, understand that this image is one step closer to more beautiful, glowing skin. Sheet masks have vitamins and minerals to treat your skin so you can skip a couple spa visits.


skincare addict

Your friend who is less knowledgeable about skincare practices will, again, question what in a moisturizer makes you a better person. They may not even moisturize daily – unless they have dry skin. Let’s explain the benefits of a high-quality moisturizer:

  • It makes your skin look and feel younger
  • Moisturizers and plumps your skin
  • It encourages skin elasticity
  • Keeps wrinkles away through extra hydration

Let’s not look at this from a superficial perspective only: we all know that when you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you slowly gain more confidence. So you know you’re a better person when you’re moisturized.


skincare addicts

Come on, this is just hilarious. And true for many.

In our pursuit to find the best skincare products, from moisturizers to exfoliators, we bury deep holes in our wallets. Sometimes the products we buy are essential and highly beneficial. Other times, we’re jumping on the bandwagon. We’re drinking the kool-aid. We’re developing a serious case of fomo: fear of missing out. Just look at the increased popularity of the jade roller!



skincare addict

A personal favorite. Who doesn’t enjoy coming home to a much desired skincare product neatly packaged and waiting for at our doorstep? It’s like a child on Christmas morning.


skincare addict

Properly shaped eyebrows can redefine your face and turn you into a better version of yourself. It’s almost magical. This quote is a freebie, because even your friend (you know, the knowledgeable one), gets his or her eyes waxed or threaded twice a month.



skincare addict


Just tell this to your friend who does all her skincare shopping at Walgreens or CVS. Meanwhile, you’re feverishly on the prowl searching for all-natural, preferably organic skincare products. You’rding and researching ingredients; they’re picking up the most attractive looking skincare product in the aisle. They just don’t get it, you know?


skincare addict

Because you just have to have it. #Shelifie.


skincare addict

Your friend: “What’s wrong with St. Ives?” Skin care addict knows better than to dignify that with a response.

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