Make Your Own DIY Sheet Masks

It has become an instagramable skincare element. Everybody is doing it! Celebrities post pictures of them wearing it as a badge of honor. Renowned makeup artists claim that they go through at least 2 packs a day.

“Get Unready with Me” videos on Vogue, Into the Gloss, etc. have this as one of the most paramount steps. Yes, you guessed it; we are talking about the famous “Sheet Masks”.

They are burglar looking, lightweight, clean, and moisturizing. Except for the creepy look, the sheet masks are everything you want in a mask. It is nourishing, moisturizing, and you don’t need to apply anything before or after it.

So what is a sheet mask?                

In short, sheet masks are made of fiber, cotton, cellulose, or coconut pulp, with holes cut out to fit the eyes, nose, and lips. It is infused with an blend of nutritional liquids that are mostly present for hydrating purposes. All you have to do is take it out of the packet and place it on your face, adjusting the mask for eye, nose, and lips area.

There are, of course, some magnificent masks out there, from some well-known brands in the skincare community. And we all know that there will become a day when you decide to give yourself an at-home spa treatment.

As soon as the time comes for a sheet mask (it is one of the most essential steps of the entire process!), you find that you have run out of them. What do you do? Well, of course, you make one yourself!

Yes, that is possible and not as difficult as it sounds. You don’t need all the botanical ingredients in your cupboard to make this sheet mask.

Let us have a look at the formulas:

You can use paper towels, or even fiber cloth or cotton masks that you can find online.

sheet masks

Hydrating and anti-aging Sheet Masks


  • Distilled water
  • Honey
  • Rosehip oil


  1. In a bowl combine ¼ cup of distilled water, ½ tsp of honey, and 5 – 7 drops of rosehip oil
  2. Stir the ingredients together and then gently dip the sheet into the formula. Keep the sheet dissolved in the formula until it seems completely saturated.
  3. Remove the mask from the formula and then gently squeeze out the excess liquid until it stops dripping out of the mask.
  4. Place the mask over your face and leave it on for 15 minutes or longer.

Acne fighting Sheet Masks



  1. Combine 3 drops of rose water, 5 drops of tea tree oil. And 5 drops of eucalyptus oil in a bowl
  2. Stir the ingredients together with a spoon till it is evenly mixed.
  3. Dip your sheet in the bowl gently until it becomes fully saturated with the formula
  4. Remove the mask from the formula and squeeze out the excess liquid till it stops dripping out of the mask
  5. Place the mask on the face gently and leave it for 30 minutes.

Sheet masks are incredibly easy. You do not have to spend too much to get a high-quality product. And believe us, there are many sheet masks with unwanted ingredients in them. Just remember to prepare 3 – 4 days prior to the treatment so you have got all the necessary ingredients on hand.

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