Botox For Hair: How does it Work?

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Botox is synonymous with the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles on your skin. But did you know that Botox can also be used as a hair treatment? Botox for hair is fairly similar to Botox for skin: it’s a filler that thickens the hair and makes it smooth but through a deep conditioning treatment.

Botox for hair is a good treatment if you have:

  • Very thin or brittle hair
  • Damaged ends
  • Thick curls
  • Lots of frizz

If your hair type falls in one of the above categories, you can benefit from a Botox hair treatment. If this doesn’t describe your hair, a Botox treatment is good for any hair type.

How It Works

Despite what you may think, Botox for hair requires no injections. In fact, it’s a conditioning treatment. The process begins much like your hair washing routine at home: you begin by shampooing your hair, which cleans the scalp, hair strands and opens the cuticles. The Botox (deep hair conditioner) is then applied by massaging the conditioner into your hair. Root to tip. Depending on your hair texture, the stylist may leave the product on for 20 minutes, or one hour.

Once the product settles into your hair, it’s time to blow dry and flat iron. Most stylists prefer leaving the Botox in the hair so the vitamins and nutrients have a more lasting effect. Other stylists will wash it out prior to straightening your hair. Before the Botox treatment, you should ask your stylist which approach he or she takes, and let them know your preference.

After your hair is blow dried and flat ironed, your hair will appear more lustrous, shiny and extremely healthy. The nutrients are just beginning to work.

How much does it cost? 

The cost of applying Botox for your hair varies from stylist to stylist, but it typically ranges between $150-$300. If this is out of your price range, you can always do at-home treatments, like L’Oreal Fiberceutic Botox For Hair. This is one of the best-reviewed at-home Botox for hair treatments, and it only costs around $50. Make sure you carefully follow the instructions on the package.

Although you can do it yourself, it is recommended that you go to a salon and have a professional do the treatment for you. This will ensure better, safer results.

The Effectiveness of Botox for Hair

If you want long-lasting straight hair, the Botox is a highly effective deep conditioning treatment. Depending on your hair type, it can last up to four months. Although others have only experienced hair straightening results for four weeks.

The effectiveness of the product depends on what type of treatment you use, and whether you did it at home or had it professionally done.

For straight hair to last longer, it’s important to use quality products after your treatment. For example, you should only use sulfate-free shampoos, like Redken Frizz Dismiss. You should also wait at least three days before washing your hair, although some stylists will say you can wash the same day.

You may not immediately see results with the health of your hair right, but your hair is sure to strengthen with time and enough treatments.

How Often Should You Treat Your Hair?

You know the saying, “Too much of a good thing is bad for you”? The same mantra applies to Botox for hair. It’s recommended that you only treat your hair two-four times a year.  More than that and the opposite effect occurs. Your hair may become dull and listless, stringy, brittle and thin. While Botox is safe, it must be applied with discretion.

Botox For Hair vs. Brazilian Keratin

A Botox hair treatment and Brazilian Keratin treatment have many similarities, so it’s common to get the two confused. Both treatments can:

  • Straighten your hair for long-lasting results
  • Reduce frizz
  • Increase smoothness and shine
  • Add nutrients to strengthen hair
  • Last approximately 2-4 months

The Brazilian Keratin treatment differs in that it’s a chemical process. Botox hair treatment is a deep conditioner – in no way is it a chemical process. With Botox, you may be able to wash your hair the same day you receive treatment. However, with a Brazilian Keratin treatment, you must wait a few days before you can wash your hair. Otherwise, your hair will revert to its natural texture.

Which Treatment is Best? 

It’s not a matter of which treatment is best – both work equally well. The real question is, which treatment is best for your hair type. This is a very important question to ask your hair stylist. Depending on your hair texture, you may benefit more from one treatment than the other. However, this is a question your hair stylist can answer better than anyone else.

Keratin treatments do contain formaldehyde, so it’s understandable if you choose Botox instead.

Botox Hair Injections?

They do exist. Although the Botox hair treatment we have mentioned is a deep conditioning treatment, you can also do Botox hair injections for similar results. However, there’s a chance that the product won’t work and the treatment can cost as high as $1,000.

The process for a botox hair injection is exactly how it sounds: it requires botox injections in the scalp, which the body then absorbs. There have been some rumors that injections create faster hair growth, but no proven results exist.

Have you tried Botox for your hair? How were the results? We’d love to hear from you, so please share your thoughts and pictures in the comments below.

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