Become a Vegan: A Beginner’s Guide

Becoming Vegan: A Beginner’s Guide

Have you decided to become a vegan?

Great – we’ve some cool tips for you to make your transition an enjoyable one.

So what is veganism? Basically, it’s abstinence from animal products, saying no to animal tested products and processed items. A guilt free lifestyle! Here’s how you can get started.

Hang Out At Local Vegan Eateries

We all love food. Going vegan can be a little daunting because you’ll be kissing that filet mignon goodbye. But vegan food can be delicious too – and pretty to look at. Check out some local vegan eateries to get a taste of your upcoming days!

Grab a Cookbook

Get into the vegan life by getting your hands on a great cookbook. Check out the local library, bookstore or online recipes to find what gets you drooling! Besides, you’ll be seeing what’s going in the making of your food and it’s a great learning experience.

Deal with the Technical Stuff

Speak to your doctor about adding supplements and vitamins to your diet. In the beginning, you’ll be figuring out how to eat and what to eat, so add some extra health to keep you going!

Add Substitutes in the Pantry

Give away or donate stuff from your pantry to make room for your new vegan grocery. Replace your usual dairy products with vegan milk and cheeses, swap chicken for some yummy lentils, beans and tofu, and stock up on tons of raw veggies and fruit!

Make vegan friends

To become a vegan and changing your lifestyle is never easy. But with friends to motivate you and sharing your lifestyle, you’re bound to adapt quickly. Besides, you’ll be learning about the perks of vegan life in a fun way!

So what’re you waiting for? Time to start your new journey towards a healthier life!

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