Are you tired of battling against stubborn curly and frizzy hair and are looking for a simple long-tem solution?

If yes, you have probably heard about the various straightening and frizz-control treatments that help straighten your hair and also make them soft and frizz-free.

The most popular hair treatments have to be keratin, rebonding and extenso. However, many people tend to get confused between the three because of their similarities while in actuality, all three are very different from one another and produce unique results.


As the name suggests, rebonding actually refers to breaking the bonds of the hair to restructure it and give a whole new look. It is also more of a complete straightening treatment that involves the use of rebonding creams and fixers to give it a dead sleek, straight look.


Like rebonding, extenso also works on a micro level and helps re-structure the bonds in your hair, resulting in 20% extra volume than that provided by rebonding. However, It produces a straightening effect that is more natural and is also less harmful.


This is a more recent deep-protein hair treatment that is ideal for those people who wish to remove frizz from their hair rather than making it completely straight. While it does have a straightening effect, it is more natural and voluminous than other treatments.

Keratin is more nourishing and hydrating that helps strengthen and smoothen you hair, making it super soft and curl-free.

Which Is Better for You?

The answer to the question regarding which of these three hair treatments is better for you is highly subjective. It entirely depends on your requirements and your hair texture.

If you want a dead-straight look, rebonding is best for you. But if you want some amount of straightening with volume and nourishment, you should consider extensor or keratin.

There are certain pros and cons of each treatment and it is best to get a thorough consultation done prior to making a decision.

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