Hair Color – What Suits Your Skin Tone?

Choosing a hair color is not an easy job. It is a difficult decision and you may have to live with the resulting look, even when it’s not so flattering for quite some time! This leaves no space for error, right? Thankfully, with this guide, you can forget about messing up your hair color again.

The idea here is to create a striking contrast between your hair color and complexion. You can do this by going for either lighter or shades than your skin. Scroll down to find which colors suit your complexion the most.

Fair Skin

If your skin tone is more towards the lighter side of the color spectrum and you have pink undertones then anything with a blue, violet or violet-red base will work for you. Jewel-toned or really dark brown and black hair will suits you the best. You can also carry the white or platinum blonde hair in style.

Wheatish Skin

Colors with a violet, blue or green base looks stunning with wheatish skin. Choose colors like icy blonde, platinum blond and ashy brown to bring out the most of your features. Try to avoid the shades of honey blond and golden brown.

Olive skin

Your eye color is golden brown or hazel green; your natural hair color is dark brown, you tan easily and red and chocolate brown lipsticks looks flattering on you. If this sounds like you, you probably have an olive based skin, even if you are pale!

Your skin tone will rock any hair color having an orange base or a red undertone. Go for colors like rich auburn, golden brown, chocolate brown, honey/golden blonde or pick anything from the copper or caramel tones.

Dark skin

Darker skin tones look best with colors with a yellow or orange base. The best colors for you may include golden blonde, champagne blond, honey or toffee color and light caramel brown. Avoid dark shades at all cost because they can give you a bland look.

Now that you know the best hair color for you, when are you going to head out to your hair salon?

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