7 Self-Care Tips for a Great Week

self-care tips

Most people don’t give self-care tips the importance and priority it truly deserves. Most pass it off as something people who are self-absorbed do. You would be surprised at how just a little bit of self-care can go such a long way and make your entire week amazing. Here are 7 self-care tips for having a brilliant week:

1. Give yourself a mani-pedi

There is nothing a like good manicure and pedicure session. You can either do a DIY at home or treat yourself at a salon and relax like the queen that you are. Having pretty and cute hands and feet make you feel at your finest and you won’t stop staring at your nicely shaped and colored nails.

Get a funky nail art design done or go for a classic French one.

2. Facials

If you are heading to the salon for a mani-pedi then follow it up with a facial. Or if you are at home then give yourself one. It is a very therapeutic process and when you are done your skin feels so fresh and clean.

For a homemade facial:

  • steam your face
  • follow it with a scrub
  • mask and end it with a light moisturizer massaged on your face in an upward motion

3. Try the 10 step Korean skincare routine

We all know it’s really hard to follow all the 10 steps on a daily basis. But you can do them on the weekend and pamper your skin with this Korean skin care regimen, a Korean Fad that is quickly gaining in popularity.

Get your cleansers, toner, exfoliator, serum, masks, eye cream and essence ready, your skin is for a treat for sure! If you don’t want to follow this rigorous routine, you can also follow our simpler morning and nighttime skincare routines.

4. Watch some makeup tutorials and practice them

Practice or improve some of your makeup techniques by following beauty gurus on YouTube. Putting on makeup is therapy on its own because you feel good when you look good.

Take some selfies and just enjoy feeling pretty.

5. Color away

Remember when coloring was one of the best feelings you had as a kid? Well coloring is back in trend. Adult coloring books have shown to improve stress levels in people and can be extremely calming. So take out your color pencils and markers (or go out and buy some!) and start coloring!

6. Watch a new movie or pick your old favorite

Go watch any high grossing latest movie that is playing near a theater near you. Or stick with an oldie but a goody. Sometimes certain movies, no matter how many times you watch them, are still as enjoyable as ever. So watch any old favorite movie of yours to increase those feel-good vibes.

7. Try a new recipe

Following a new recipe from start to finish is one of our favorite self-care tips as it can be a very calming yet an exciting experience. Put some music on in the background and enjoy every bit of the cooking process. You’ll love the feeling of cooking a successful meal.

Try these 7 self-care tips and see what a difference they make to your health, confidence and to your week!

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