The Very Best Korean Beauty Fads

korean beauty fads

When it comes to skincare products and trends, Korea stands out among all. So far, the Korean beauty products have proven to be just as effective as they are innovative.

Are you ready to change your skincare routine and try something new? Well, below are some of the best beauty fads that came straight out of Korea and are sure to make your skin as young and beautiful as theirs:

Green Tea Cream

Green tea is known for its antioxidant, hydrating qualities. So naturally, the Korean green tea watery cream is meant to moisturize your dry skin and hydrate it with the effects of green tea. If you have a dry, flaky skin, this is one of the best and most natural ways for you to revitalize your skin.

Truffle Face Roll-On

Truffle is known for being highly dense and rich in vitamin B. This vitamin works exceptionally well in repairing the damaged, dry, flaky and tanned skin that forms a layer of protection around your skin. This prevents free radicals from flowing in your body by moisturizing and hydrating your skin sufficiently. It also successfully protects your skin from outer dirt, debris and pollution.

Deep Cleansing Charcoal Soap

The Korean beauty trend of charcoal face wash soaps have been a hit for quite some time. This is a completely black soap that works effectively in bringing out your real complexion. This soap boasts proactive ingredients such as all-natural oils like grapes, coconuts and olives. It also contains charcoal powder which deeply penetrates through the skin and successfully cleanses it.

Aqua Peel-Off Mask

This is a watery at-home skincare treatment that contains a blend of glycolic and lactic acid. These two ingredients work remarkably well in gently exfoliating your skin as you peel it off. All the dirt, debris, pollution and oil that settles under your skin is thoroughly cleansed and pulled out as you peel off the mask.

Egg-White Cream

Egg is known for its expansive storage of protein. In particular, egg whites offer an abundant supply of collagen and protein. These ingredients are useful in repairing the damaged skin tissues, boosting blood circulation in your body and tightening your skin. As a result, you can make your mature skin appear younger and more beautiful. This cream is perfect in eradicating wrinkles, reducing facial lines and bringing a glow to your skin.

Filter cream

This is a cream that gives you an oil-free skin. Soft and satin-like in its consistency, this cream is an effective oil absorbent and soaks up the oil in your skin to give you velvety skin. You also get to enjoy flawless skin as it unclogs your pores and shortens them.

Steam Hair Mask

This Korean beauty fad is rare. Where you may have come across several hair creams and conditioners, chances of coming across a steam hair mask are quite low. All you have to do is to wrap your hair in a paper cup and allow it to naturally steam the strands of your hair with vitamins and amino acids. Your hair will grow to be longer, denser and shinier.

Try these Korean beauty fads for yourself and see what all the hype is about!

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