Flaxseeds- The New Wonder Food for Your Health

Flax seeds have long been consumed by people for their numerous health-protective benefits and properties. They are emerging as the new ‘super food’ in recent times and have also often been referred to as the most powerful plant food on the planet.

Not only are flax seeds packed full of all the essential nutrients that the body needs to stay healthy and fit, but they are also great for the skin and hair.

Here are some amazing health benefits of flax seeds, which are also backed by science and research.

They Can Reduce the Risk of Cancer

Flax seeds contain a high amount of lignans, a plant compound that contains estrogen and antioxidant properties, both of which can help improve health and decrease the risk of cancer. Research has it that they contain 800 times more lignans than several other plant foods.

Studies have also revealed that those who consume flax seeds regularly, especially postmenopausal women have a reduced risk of developing breast cancer.

They Enhance Cholesterol Levels

Rich in fiber content, flax seeds can help lower cholesterol levels in your body and improve your overall health. The fiber in these seeds binds to bile salts in the body, which is then excreted out of your system. In order to restock those bile salts, cholesterol is transferred to your liver from your blood, which helps keep cholesterol levels in check.

They Lower Blood Pressure

Regular consumption of flax seeds has been shown to significantly reduce blood pressure levels in the body. It greatly helps in lowering diastolic and systolic blood pressure, thereby keeping the overall pressure levels under control. This further helps in decreasing the risk of dying from stroke and even heart disease since there is a direct link between blood pressure and several heart conditions.

They Help Control Appetite

If you are big on frequent snacking between meals, flax seeds will help you stave off your untimely cravings. They contain rich amounts of soluble fiber, which can help reduce your overall appetite and keep your hunger pangs at bay.

Now that you know how beneficial flax seeds are for your health, there’s no better time to grab a pack from your nearest store!

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