Five Fruits That Have a High Water Content


Proper hydration is sometimes the only solution to all the minor health issues we are facing. But that’s not all; a body kept well hydrated will also have the strength to ward off various acute and chronic diseases in the long run.

If you are lazy with drinking water and want your water to be as nutritional as it is hydrating then replace the glass of water with fruits that have high water content.

Allow us to enlighten you with all the fruits that contain the highest water content:

1. Watermelon

Ever wondered why every slice of watermelon drips its juice past our fingers and down towards our elbows? Because watermelon contains 93% water content, it is bound to be drippy.

But never mind that, since this juicy, watery fruit can be your lifesaver in the most scorching, sweltering heat. This fruit is actually nature’s way of providing a solution to the heat. Watermelon even contains Lycopene, a pigment which protects our body against ultraviolet light. If you are stuck in a desert, watermelons might be the best thing to have on your side.

2. Strawberries

Who doesn’t love strawberries? This pink and pleasant looking fruit contains 92% water per volume and has such a high satiating effect that will not only quench your thirst but will also reduce your appetite. Strawberries beat dehydration and chances of gaining weight in one go.

What’s more, this fruit is fat-free, sodium-free, and cholesterol-free with low-calories. So you can consume them every day without gaining weight, and reducing the chances of attaining cardiovascular diseases. Strawberries also have anti-aging effects. So next time you are thirsty and sweaty, ditch the fizzy drink and go for a strawberry shake.

3. Grapefruit

Grapefruit contains 91 % water and is officially one of the most hydrating fruits Mother Nature has gifted us. With grapefruit as a regular part of your diet, you can forever say goodbye to dehydration. Furthermore, this fruit with such high water content also controls appetite, lowers insulin levels, fights against heat, and makes skin beautiful.

Blood pressure patients and women suffering from hormone imbalance can benefit greatly from regular intake of grapefruit. If you are averse to eating grapefruit, try drinking its fresh juice.

4. Star Fruit

Star fruit is a tropical fruit with 91.4% water content. Not only does this fruit look great but it also tastes great with all its sweet and tart tinges. And then there is its number of health benefits that make it a smart choice to add to your summer cocktail.

Star fruit is a heart-healthy fruit, and rich in antioxidants. Apart from the people with kidney problems, everyone else should consume it often for better health.

5. Cantaloupe

Succulent cantaloupe is super hydrating with 90.2% water content in it. In addition to hydrating, this fruit also packs a punch of potassium. Athletes, gym-enthusiasts and muscle builders can safely rely on this fruit to make up for all the water they lose through sweating. Cantaloupe also helps with hair and skin health and improves muscle function in the body.

Not only are these fruits hydrating and healthy but as a bonus, they also taste great.

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