The Beauty Benefits of a Crystal Facial

crystal facial

Don’t we all want that clear, dewy, and rosy skin that we have seen most actresses, models, and every Korean person flaunt in front of us?

And most of us have done some pretty weird and uncanny stuff to achieve this kind of skin because bloggers, vloggers, and social media dignitaries told us to do so.

But why entrust our skin with chemicals, glue-infused peel off masks, and tiny needle pricking massages when we can use something much more natural, safe and effective? Let’s just accept it, those charcoal peel off masks were not really that effective, nor were those bubbly cloudy masks that (temporarily) took over the beauty world by storm.

They were fun, but not effective.

So let’s have a look at something that most celebrity beauticians swear by.

What is Crystal Facial?

Crystals like Rose quartz is an easily available stone that is known for its circulation and energy-releasing properties. Noticing this, beauty moguls and enthusiasts started experimenting with crystals for their skin-care routines, and voila the results were amazing.

Once this trend caught fire, it became a much loved skin-care routine for many people. And now, crystals have become one of the most widely used skin-care tools. While there is no scientific research to back-up the positive aspects of crystal facials, people have based their positive experience on Chinese and Ayurvedic medications that talk of energy, calming and relaxation benefits of crystals.

Amethyst, for instance is known for properties such as balancing nervous energy and reducing inflammation, it is also best for bruised skin, and skin that is lifeless and lacks energy.

Celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Katy Perry, and Miranda Kerr also acclaimed the mental health benefits of crystals.

Crystal massages involve many different methods. Some use crystals in Gua Sha scraping massage, some use it as jade rollers, some use with crystal wand, and some use vibrating crystals for facial massages. And some of the professional facialists even place their products on crystal plates to infuse them with energy.

Beauty Benefits of Crystal Facial

There are many benefits and positive changes people noticed on their skin after getting regular crystal facial massages.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of crystal massages:

  • Firms skin
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Energizes, rejuvenates, and de-stress skin
  • Gives a youthful appearance
  • The skin radiates with a natural glow
  • Hydrates skin and gives off dewy effects
  • Balances nervous energy, and reduces acne and breakout caused as a result of it
  • Repairs cellular damage and heals wounds on the skin
  • Softens fine lines
  • Drains toxins from the skin
  • Reduces puffiness and redness from the skin

No skin care routine or ritual works like magic, even Botox, and plastic surgery includes gore and blood before appearing nice. The crystal massages will take their sweet time to get effective, but once they do, you’ll see and notice the difference right away.

Crystal massages are actually one of the best methods of practicing self-love, and once you practice it with other self-care rituals, you’ll feel your skin getting healthier.

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