Seven Best Carrier Oils for Healthy Skin

carrier oils

We love all types of oils for their ability to create healthy, younger looking skin. Carrier oils are soft diluting oils mixed with essential oils to reduce their potency and to enhance their effect on the skin.

Carrier oils are neutral with little side effects and help greatly with skincare and hair care. They are also an essential part of massage, scrubs, balms, and lotions.

1. Jojoba Oil

A hydrated skin is the healthiest skin and jojoba oil is one of the best carrier oils to keep the skin supple and hydrated. A feature that makes jojoba oil suitable for all skin type is its non-clogging nature. It does not clog the pores and allows it to breathe, while also supplying sebum to our skin.

Jojoba oil is very gentle on skin and rarely causes any allergic reactions.

2. Sunflower Oil

When God created people with combination skin-type, he also created sunflower plant. The oil of sunflower is perfectly balanced in a way that it is neither too heavy nor too light.

It can be used as an after-shower moisturizer, an anti-aging mask or it can be applied to reduce skin irritation and redness. Sunflower oil can easily become a part of daily skin care routine and keep it healthy.

3. Coconut Oil

People with extremely dry and flaky skin must welcome coconut oil to their lives. This oil is antimicrobial in nature and supplies sebum to the skin. As a result, the skin remains hydrated, moisturized, and free of acne-causing bacteria and germs.

Coconut oil can also be combined with another carrier in winter since it is prone to solidifying real quickly.

4. Argan Oil

Argan oil has high healing properties. It takes care of scars, stretch marks and heals the damage caused by UV rays and inflammation. This oil is also very soothing and gentle and can be used to fight acne, defy wrinkles and to repair damaged hair and boost its growth.

5. Sweet Almond Oil

Almond oil is rich in protein and is heavier in texture, so people with extremely dry and sensitive skin will get their moisture from the application of almond oil. When mixed with rose petals, almond oil becomes one of the best body oils and moisturizes every pore.

Almond oil also has a very pleasant smell.

6. Avocado Oil

Avocado has countless health benefits and its oil carries the same trait when it comes to skin. Avocado oil is one of the most luxurious oils with a thick texture. This carrier oil contains palmitoleic acid as well as oleic and linoleic fatty acids, and actively fights aging signs on the skin.

This oil is also great for people who suffer from inflammation, redness, and allergies on their skin. To balance out its thicker consistency, it can be combined with almond oil for best results.

7. Olive Oil

People who are allergic to nuts and seeds are not entirely out of options either. Olive oil serves as excellent carrier oil to these people, and they can pair it with several DIY skincare packs and masks for better moisture.

Make sure to do a skin patch test with essential oils as well as carrier oils before applying them to your face.

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