People are getting busier in their lives and they keep looking for convenient options in everything. Over the last few decades, junk food or fast food has become our staple diet. It is easier to pick up a burger and fries rather than put together a home cooked meal. Very few households spend time cooking fresh food. This is adversely affecting the health of people because junk food lacks nutritional value.

The new generation needs to be informed about the cons of junk food. There are many tastier and healthier alternatives to junk food. We can incorporate these small changes in our everyday food intake. This will eventually lead to healthier eating habits.

Almonds Instead Of Chips

Chips available in the market are a very unhealthy snacking option. Mixed nuts or almonds can help curb cravings and are packed with nutrients.

Fruits Instead Of Chocolates

Fresh fruits are always a better option. If you’re craving the sweetness of chocolate, it is better to substitute it with a sweet fruit like mangoes or cherries.

Whole Wheat Bread Instead Of White Bread

White bread is full of carbohydrates and calories. Next time replace white bread slices with whole wheat bread slices to turn your sandwich into a healthier meal.

Gourmet Burgers Instead Of Fast Food Burgers

Instead of picking up a burger from a fast food joint, get mince meat from a meat shop and make your own burger patties that would be twice as healthy and twice as delicious.

Cashew Nuts Instead Of Candies

Candies are convenient for an instant sugar rush, but the artificial sweeteners are very bad for your body. These candies can be replaced with cashew nuts as they have a naturally sweet taste and are an excellent source of vitamins.

Baked Potatoes Instead Of French Fries

French fries are an absolute favorite, but the amount of trans fats in them makes it a very unhealthy choice. If its potatoes you want, you could always have baked sweet potato wedges. They are equally tasty and less fattening.

 Baked Fish Instead Of Crumbed Fried Fish

The bread crumbs on a fish fillet and chips soak up too much oil to be a healthy option. It has so much trans fats that it cancels out the nutrients the fish itself provides. On the other hand, if the fish is baked, its health benefits stay intact.

 Water Or Fresh Juices Instead Of Soda

Everyone knows the side effects of fizzy drinks. The best alternative is to have water whenever you are thirsty or to wash down your meal. Another healthy option is fresh, seasonal fruit juices.

 Frozen Yogurt Instead Of Ice Cream

Frozen yogurt has a much lower fat content than regular ice cream, which makes it a healthier replacement.

 Oatmeal Instead Of Sugary Cereal

Whole oats are rich in antioxidants and fiber. They help keep your cholesterol in control and your blood sugar level low. Add oats to your daily routine instead of sugary cereals for better health benefits.

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