Raising Your Kids on a Vegan DietParenting is becoming more and more child-centered as time passes. With both parents taking an active part in their child’s life and well being, many are also beginning to monitor their nutrition. With animals being reared on hormonalised diets, preservative packed baby food, and other chemical ridden toddler items on the market, some parents are playing it safe by raising kids on a vegan diet.

Check out below how vegan kids are faring!

Veggie Power!

A rich body of literature supports raising kids on a vegetarian diet. In fact, vegan diets are encouraged for expecting, lactating and post partum moms! Children who are raised on vegan diets promise leaner and healthier bodies of developing kids, and also increase life expectancy!

Stable Growth

With plant nutrition, you can’t really go wrong. Children raised on vegan diets have lower chances of developing obesity, diabetes, lowered energy levels and also grow up to be healthy adults with decreased risks of heart disease.

A Well Educated Kid!

Your little trooper is also going to learn a lot of nutrition while they’re on a vegan diet. Eating vegan from a young age will make them more aware about plant based nutrition and give them knowledge to find essential vitamins and minerals within natural resources.

Bye Bye Chronic Disease

Kids raised on a vegan diet have lower chances of developing cancer and type II diabetes. Which means your child will develop healthy organs as he enjoys his favorite meals!

So, there you go! It’s definitely exciting to raise kids on something healthy and new, but don’t forget to consult your baby’s doctor on how you can include supplements to help their growth process!

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