Coming from broad-leafed plants, these grains are not as commercialized as we’d like them to be. Decades old Europe and Africa were avid consumers of these super foods!

Calorie Count

One cup of cooked Amaranth gives you:

  • 251 calories
  • 46 grams of carbohydrates

One cup of cooked quinoa gives you:

  • 222 calories
  • 40 grams of carbohydrates

And they both are packed with fiber for a healthy gastrointestinal track and bowel movements.

Protein Power

Remember 7th grade science? Well, here’s a recap: Proteins are the building blocks of life!

Amaranth has slightly more protein than quinoa, and both have more protein that oats, brown rice and whole wheat! On top of that, the protein you get from these super grains contains lysine, a very important amino acid!


Both grains are super loaded with zinc and magnesium, with amaranth containing double the iron that quinoa has. These minerals are important in oxygen transport within the body, healing, muscle health and suppressing various heart and liver diseases!

Gluten Free

For those with gluten allergy, we have good news! Both these super foods are gluten free and safe to eat – this means improved digestive tracts, lesser disease, and a whole lot of people enjoying their food!


Both are quick to cook and have a nutty flavor. Paired with chickpeas, squash, lentils and beets, they make for a hearty and filling meal, and go great with cold salads!

So vegans, grab a pack of each and start cooking! And the best part? These grains make for yummy sides with non vegan dishes too!

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